Most Funny Sms

Q: Why did the crazy scientist prevent the sick eagle from entering his lab?
A: Simply, because it was ill-eagle or illegal!

Q: How are tough chickens made?
A: They are made from hard boiled eggs.

Q: How do cowboys watch television when they are out?
A: By saddle lights.

Q: What is the swamp-thing’s favourite dessert?
A: Perhaps, marsh mellows…

Q: Who is bigger – Mr Bigger or his baby?
A: Mr. Bigger’s baby is “Little Bigger”

Q: What is a pussycat who eats lemon called?
A: A sourpuss.

Q: First, there is a red mill, then a walk and then there is a key. What is it called?
A: Milwaukee.

Q: How many seconds are in a year?
A: Twelve – [2nd January to 2nd December].

Q: Which American has the largest family?
A: George Washington – He’s the father of the country [USA]

Q: Which team is the monster’s favourite one?
A: The Giants.

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