14 Funny Text Sms

Q: Which state in the happiest in the USA?
A: Merry Land [Maryland]

Q: Where do boars save their cash?
A: Piggy banks, of course.

Q: What made the orange stop suddenly?
A: It just ran out of juice.

Q: How did the crazy scientist stretch his imagination?
A: He simply put an elastic band around his head.

Q: What do you call a foreign ant?
A: Import-Ant.

Q: What do ghosts have for breakfast?
A: Boo-loney snacks.

Q: Why do flies walk on the ceiling and not on the floor?
A: Because, someone might stamp on them if they walked on the floor.

Q: When does a man not become a man?
A: When he turns into an [alley].

Q: How can one tell when bells are behaving properly?
A: If it rings only when tolled.

Q: How do you differentiate between a whole apple and half an apple?
A: The whole apple can look round.

Q: Why are there no stories about beds?
A: Obviously, they have not been made.

Q: What happened to the fight in the candy store?
A: Two suckers got licked…

Q: What do trees say to the woodpecker?
A: You bore me.

Q: What colour was Napoleon’s white horse?
A: “Duh”…

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