Abbreviation SMS

10 Nice Sms Of Abbreviation

Pathans changed the name of their province “N.W.F.P”, because

N.W.F.P. stands for

N – No
W – Woman
F – For
P – Pathans

Don’t lose heart if you find something IMPOSSIBLE
Because IMPOSSIBLE itself says
“I’m Possible”


F – Farz Allah Ka Aada Karo
R – Rab Ko Raazi Karo
I – Ibadaat Dil Sy Karo
D – Durod Kasrt Sy Parhoo
A – Allah Sy Mangoo
Y – Yaad Rakho Mujhe DUA Mein

I’m your girlfriend:


Theek kaha na?

In short I am your S.I.S.T.E.R. :p

SDCPS is the Abbreviation of?

Safety Data Collection and Processing System.

LOL means?

Laugh out Loud.

TTYL stands for?

Talk To You Later.

E – Embrace wid open heart
I – Inculcate good deeds
D – Distribute & share

Allah’s bounties

WID the underprivileged

Happy EiD Mubarak…

HAPPY stands for…

H – Have Success in Your Life
A – Always Live Happy Life
P – Prays 4 ur JOYS in Life
P – Pains be removed from ur Life
Y – You will be my best friend throughout Life

Full form of (NAMAZ)

N – Nabi k tarike per
A – Allah se
M -Mangane ka
A – Aasan
Z – Zariya

Smile – It makes a world of difference

Dance – Who knows when you won’t be able to

Cry – Holding those emotions in is bad for you

Hug – Helps you and helps another

Laugh – What’s the point in hiding happiness?

Live – Because life is everything



M – Mot.
O – Oljhan.
H – Harna.
A – Aansu.
B – Bewafai.
B – Barbadi.
A – Andhera.
T – Tanhai.

So, friendship is always better than love…

Yesterday my friend Chase abbreviated the words beauty to ‘bute’ & decent

to ‘dease.’ He must be REALLY pressed for time!!! Bute’s a keeper.

10 Text Sms Of Abbreviation

Meaning of ABCDEFG

A – A
B – Boy
C – Can
D – Do
E – Everything
F – For
G – Girls

B.B.A – Beauty Broad & Active.

Boss – Someone who is early when you are late and late when you are early.

Classic – Books, which people praise, but do not read.

Committee – Individuals who can do nothing individually and sit to decide that nothing can be done together.

Compromise – The art of dividing a cake in such a way that everybody believes he got the biggest piece.

Conference Room – A place where everybody talks, nobody listens and everybody disagrees later on.

Conference – The confusion of one man multiplied by the number present.

Criminal – A guy no different from the rest….except that he got caught

Dictionary – A place where success comes before work

10 Lovely Sms Of Abbreviation

Do You Know The Meaning Of BMW…
Bohat Mehngey Wali Car!

SIM Means…

S – Subscriber
I – Identity
M – Module

Did you know meaning of WOMEN?

W – Want
O – One
M – Man for
E – Every
N – Night

Darling Means…

D – Dear
A – Always
R – Remember
L – Love
I – Is
N – Not
G – Game

Ye Sab Kuch Sirf Aap Elie Lekha He.

A – Acha he tu
B – Bawafa he tu
C – Chahat wala hetu
D – Durd wala hetu
E – End of to my life he tu
F – Frnd is very god he tu
G – Gosh-E-Dil he tu
H – Hussin-E-Jahan he tu
I – Inam-E-Dil he tu.
J – Jiger gosha hetu.
K – Kitab-E-Dil he tu.
L – Lugt-E-Ishiq he tu.
M – Mosin-E-Zindgi he tu.
N – Nazr-E-karam he tu.
O – Out of enyme he tu.
P – Piyar ka bani he tu.
R – Resarh of love he tu.
S – Shoq-E-Ishiq he tu.
T – Talb-E-Husin he tu.
U – Umeed-E-Dil he


You will not mind it if you know what I mean from “BITCH” it means…

B – Beautiful
I – Intelligent
T – Talented
C – Cute
H – Hilarious

I know you are smiling now!

Always greet “SALAM” to others when you meet them because “SALAM” stands


S – Sada Khush raho
A – Abaad raho
L – La-zawal kamyabiyan Pawo
A – Apki har arzo pori ho
M – Mujhy dua mai yaad rakhna !!

SALAM to you too!

Meaning of Love…

L – Life
O – Opinion
V – Vision
E – End of life

Papa – Beti 12th K Bad Kya Karogi??
Beti – B.B.A Karungi!!
Papa – WoW. BBA 🙂
Beti – Wait papa, I mean Boyfriend Ki Bike Par Aish 😀

10 Wonderful Sms Of Abbreviation

We go to school, to attend “CLASS” .
C.L.A.S.S. = Come Late And Sleep Silently.

at home, we have to “STUDY”.
S.T.U.D.Y. = Sleep, Tv, Unlimited-sms, Dota, Youtube.

in class, we’re given “HOMEWORK.”
H.O.M.E.W.O.R.K = Half Of My Energy Wasted On Random Knowledge.

while doing homework, we refer to “TEXTBOOK”.

Happy Study Year! 😀

Smart Means…

S – Still
M – Mad
A – Always
R – Responsible
T – Teasing

What is the true meaning of Study?

S – Sleeping
T – Talking
U – Unlimited tafreh
D – Dreaming
Y – Yawning

I Hate You…
Don’t be upset, because

“HATE” means..

H – Hold me in your heart
A – Always be with me
T – There is no end to our love
E – Enter into my heart

So, Again I Hate You 😀

Love Means…

L – Loss of Money.
O – Out of Mind.
V – Waste of Time.
E – End of Life.

So, Don’t LOVE!

SMS Doesn’t Mean
“Short Messaging Service”.

It Only Means

“Sweet . Memories . Shared”

With A Special, Loving, Caring & Sweet Person Like You…

True Meanings of “GIRL”

G – GOSSIP May Sab Se Aagey
I – INNOCENT Sirf Shakal Se
R – RONE Ki Automatic Machine
L – LARAI May Sab Ki Maa

Shut Up Means…

S – Surprises For You
H – Happiness For You
U – Unlimited Love For You
T – True Passion For You
U – You Always In My Mind
P – Praying For You

So, Again SHUT UP!

You are one of the most CUTE persons in the world!

Just a second, don’t misunderstand.

CUTE means…

C – Creating
U – Useless
T – Troubles
E – Everywhere..

She: What do u do?
He: Phd.
She: Wow! Doctorate.
He: No. Pizza Hut Delievery.

Abbreviation Text Messages

These are some of the romantic countries in the world…

“Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies”

“I Trust And Love You”

“Love Is Beautiful You Also”

T – There’s richness in a love for life
H – Here among the valentines,
A – Aking and queen as man and wife:
N – Not leaning towards what lust inclines;
K – Knowing well the needs of state.
Y – Yon regal grace alone attends,
O – On which the peace, both small and great,
U – Undone by doubt, alone depends

Funny abbrevation of some finanacial terms.

Bse = bombay se exit
Nse = nation se exit
F/o = future over
Nifty = no income for this year
Fii = fraud international i

In the New Year, You may get:

N – New
E – Energy
W – Working
Y – Your
E – Efforts for
A – Amazing
R – Returns

Wish You A Very Eventful New Year!

BOYS Means…
B – Badmasion ma sub se aagy.
O – Ollu ke tarha raat ma jagy.
Y – Yari nibhaty jaan laga ke.
S – Sharif sirf ami abu k aagy.

Alphabetic advice for you:
Avoid Boring Company..
Don’t Entertain Fools..
Go for High Ideas .
Just Keep a friend like ME..
Never Overlook the Poor n suffering..
Quit Reacting to Silly tales..
Tune Urself for ur Victory..
We Xpect You to Zoom ahead in life

She: What do you do?
He: Phd.
She: Wow! Doctorate.
He: No. Pizza Hut Delievery.


Don’t be confused I mean to say

S – Sari Zindagi
T – Tum Sai
U – Umar Bhar Ki Dosti
P – Pana Chahta Hon,
I – Islie
D – Duawon Me Yaad Rakhna

What is MATHS?

M – Mental
A – Attack
T – To
H – Healthy
S – Students..

A Simple “SALAM” Can Be So Sweet:

S: Sada Khush Raho

A: Abaad Raho

L: La-Zawal Urooj Dekho

A: Arzuain Puri Hon

M: Mujhe Dua Main Yaad Rakhna