10 Nice Sms Of Abbreviation

Pathans changed the name of their province “N.W.F.P”, because

N.W.F.P. stands for

N – No
W – Woman
F – For
P – Pathans

Don’t lose heart if you find something IMPOSSIBLE
Because IMPOSSIBLE itself says
“I’m Possible”


F – Farz Allah Ka Aada Karo
R – Rab Ko Raazi Karo
I – Ibadaat Dil Sy Karo
D – Durod Kasrt Sy Parhoo
A – Allah Sy Mangoo
Y – Yaad Rakho Mujhe DUA Mein

I’m your girlfriend:


Theek kaha na?

In short I am your S.I.S.T.E.R. :p

SDCPS is the Abbreviation of?

Safety Data Collection and Processing System.

LOL means?

Laugh out Loud.

TTYL stands for?

Talk To You Later.

E – Embrace wid open heart
I – Inculcate good deeds
D – Distribute & share

Allah’s bounties

WID the underprivileged

Happy EiD Mubarak…

HAPPY stands for…

H – Have Success in Your Life
A – Always Live Happy Life
P – Prays 4 ur JOYS in Life
P – Pains be removed from ur Life
Y – You will be my best friend throughout Life

Full form of (NAMAZ)

N – Nabi k tarike per
A – Allah se
M -Mangane ka
A – Aasan
Z – Zariya

Smile – It makes a world of difference

Dance – Who knows when you won’t be able to

Cry – Holding those emotions in is bad for you

Hug – Helps you and helps another

Laugh – What’s the point in hiding happiness?

Live – Because life is everything



M – Mot.
O – Oljhan.
H – Harna.
A – Aansu.
B – Bewafai.
B – Barbadi.
A – Andhera.
T – Tanhai.

So, friendship is always better than love…

Yesterday my friend Chase abbreviated the words beauty to ‘bute’ & decent

to ‘dease.’ He must be REALLY pressed for time!!! Bute’s a keeper.

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