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maria debby bernal says:

hello desicomment pls post my other submitted picture,i only see my 2 submitted picture where is the others?
i think this website is cool because i can share my favorite picture but the problem is,its to long before i can see my submitted picture why they have problem in you website?
But thanks for posting my 2 submitted picture.

Desi Boy says:

Well the DesiComments moderator is a very lazy person. Never mind the delay…:D

Some of your pics were rejected because the font size was too small..it was hardly readable after image resize.

maria debby bernal says:

you want me to comment bout the picture some of picture are good bout others so simple!my opinion bout desicomments its cool so different from the other website!

maria debby bernal says:

ok thanks for the reply.i send again others pic….hoping its ok know!
I like desicomments coz its really cool…!

Desi Boy says:

@Maria Debby Bernal
The font size of the text that you use in pictures is too small to read.

Also choose colors which have better readability

maria debby bernal says:

Ok never mind i will create again and promise i will make big my font so that you can read it!thanks coz i saw also my others pic!
go……go……go desicomments

maria debby bernal says:

Hello again,i think base on my own observation….you cannot read my font and the color that i been use is not readability maybe because i write in ENGLISH!WHY?
Pls.Desicomment make your job “FAIR”
Hope you get what i mean…..!

Desi Boy says:

We don’t have any problem with “English”

some of your pictures are still in the moderation queue…

Just keep up the quality, we’ll approve it asap.

Preet Parwana says:

hello desicomment pls post my other submitted picture & create a new category sikhisam graphic i have lot of pic of sikhisam
i hope u will do it

Preet Parwana says:

desicomment thanks for add my graphics

maria debby bernal says:

Thanks for posting my picture! Hope i will see my name as a contributors.
Desicomments good luck…!

harry says:

please tell me how i podt my pics

maria debby bernal says:

hey whats up desicomment where is my other sumitted pic.?something wrong with my font and color that i use?pls.tell me!do not be lazy…..!

maria debby bernal says:

again why like that i submit picture but i saw only 1 or 2 submitted pic.why?
all my submitted picture with msg.i did saw it.gosh so unfair desicomments!

anmol says:

its cool and its fun with these its a wounderful imaginere

ashu says:

its reaiiy provide a better way to exprees our feeling with colorfull andaaz

maria debby bernal says:

desicomments is cool but sometimes unfair.anyway thanks again!

pankaj says:

i wants to give u some pic . how i can gave u.

Nishant says:

Yar punjabi photos nu alag rakhaeo karo english nalo.English photos ta google te mil hi jandia ne.
Importance only on punjabi photos.Kuj contributors ta download karke english pics laga dinde ne usda koyi faida nahi.
With love UR subchintak so concerete on this topic.

Nishant says:

I am waiting for your ans.

gaurav says:

very good urs comment on pics are superb

but i want some comments on study with class met lover like
(assi fail hoye kuriye tere karke)

Kuldeep diwana says:

main add keete comments
eh kdo to dikhan lagnge
kinna ku time lggu
fir hor paa deyie..

Desi Boy says:


We didn’t receive any images from you, make sure to first attach the image and then submit.

shabi dhaliwal says:

i submit some picture but i did’t see any of them ?

Desi Boy says:

@shabi dhaliwal
We didn’t receive your pictures, make sure to attach the image before u submit it.

And do read the instructions

shabi dhaliwal says:

thanks for let me know i hope u got now

shabi dhaliwal says:

i submit 2 picture all i seen one is was a something woring wth 2nd one ?

bhumi bhatt says:

i like it very much

mango says:

frendssssssssss its really i like it very much ….
sach hamara bhi bahut man hai yha apni kuch acchi images bhejne ka but sayad nhis amjh aa rha hai kewse bheje plez help hum bhi aapki community join kerna chhahte hai sachh i like it by hearted………
thanxxx for u organising this site…… really thanxxxxxxxxxx

“bhulna hamare addat nhi, yaddash chali jaye aur baat hai ,aapki hi site ki yaad aate hai her saas ke sath sass hi chut jaye aur baat hai”
sachhhh thanxxxxxx….. isme mujhe subbmitted DEV,EKTA, HASH ,ETC.. KI BAHUT ACCHI LAGTE HAI IMAGESSSS

M I C K I E says:

plz email & mob. no. likhan te rok lagao
only name allow karo
pics text naal over-fill ho jandiyan

Aysha says:

its too goog

nishtha says:

when i saw this site, i was surprised. on friendship day i send greetings from here only and in future also i use only this site for these tyes

Sarbjeet says:

This site is awsome..
Tooooooooooo Much……

HeeR Dhillon says:

paji 2-3 din ho gaye photo’s post kitay nu… par hje tak show nai hoiya site te… can u tell me why?????????

thx …

preet says:

i luv this site much
paji photo send karni tuhanu
thx u desi

tapas says:

Really it is a fantastic site but please don’t copy pictures from other sites and try to display with your own pictures specially pictures from India. Be very special Indian site. Really I love the site and i shall use this site extensively to send comments to my friends.
Please try to add something special in this site like to generate comments of the user of their own on the pictures and secondly
make provision to upload pictures of the user.
Thank you
Tapas from Kolkata

Rohit says:

Hey i wana work with u i haue m.s.c comp.sc.
Can i?for fre i dont mind

maria debby bernal says:

Hello,where is my other pic?rejected again right?why like that…….!
is unfair you only approve picture.that you really feel it,before you told me, something wrong with my font and the color………………!
and know what is the problem again?why most of my pic is REJECTED.???????????????
“Oh,what up desicomments…”

gurpreet singh says:

ilove this site bec its very gd site and we can get everything on this site.

Gurpreet singh GP says:

hollo its very gd site but mai v apniya kuj image send krna chaunda pls is bare mainu daso thanku

irish says:

can u give me the steps how to send greetings on the frenster comments,,, thank you,,


Do read the instructions if you wish to show your pics on site

tonny says:

hallo brother send me dessicomments another its verry-2 nice send me my idd ok thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx tonny


this is my first time being in your page
and i really love all the great stuff you
have here! but could you tell me how
can i send them out to my friends from
i saw so many and i would like to send them
to my friends! i will wait for your respond. thank you desie

hardeep says:

ji bahut vadiyaaa…..i liked it sooo much…really gud work …must appreciate

Gurpreet singh GP says:

sachi muchi eh bauhat vadia site hai g sab kuj hai is vich i liked very very very much

Mani says:

its really good site its so much fun……

Anamika says:

dis rox man……..
no faults….
ven words r failing me at da moment!!!
its just awesummmm!!!!!!!!!!

sid says:

wy dont u try to have new features like sending sms, making grps of sms,sending pics in sms.it will be more beneficial

jannat yaha says:

hiiii plz me add

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