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Latest Slogans

38 Shampoo Slogans

#1 Dermatologist Recommended – Neutrogena

41 Slogans of Government and Private Indian Banks

A Faithful & Friendly Financial Partner- Syndicate Bank

35 Slogans of Famous Indian Magazines

A Journal Of Politics and Culture- The Carvan Magazine

75 Slogans of Indian Newspapers

72years Of Service To The Nation- The Assam Tribune Newspaper

40 Diapers Brand Slogans

A better diaper for a better planet. – FuzziBunz, brand of cloth diapers

88 Deodorant Slogans

24 Hour All Natural Deodorant – Nubian Heritage Deodorant

40 Newspaper Slogans

A newspaper, not a snooze paper – The Mail On Sunday newspaper

76 Slogans Of World Famous Magazines

Always both sides of the news. – Veja magazine, Brasil

117 Tyre Company Slogans

A good deal on a great tire. – Kelly tires

50 Mortgage Slogans

A partner you can trust. – Guardian Company

214 Bank Slogans

100 years of history – Bank of China

50 Credit Card Slogans

A travel card that makes every detail exceptional. – American Express Aeroplan Reserve Card

77 Coffee Slogans

A Bold Adventure In Taste. – Nescafe Alta Rica Coffee

53 Bottled Water Slogans

A Water That Belongs On The Wine List. – Acqua Panna, Italian Brand Of Bottled Water

51 Energy Drink Slogans

A Man In Every Can. – Ranger, Brand In Malaysia

65 Tea Slogans

100% Pure New Zealand Tea. – Zealong Tea, New Zealand

35 Casino Slogans

A Feeling Like No Other – Beau Rivage Hotel And Casino In Biloxi, Mississippi On The Gulf Coast

30 Feminist Slogans

A Woman Needs A Man Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle

36 Fishing Slogans

Always Think Like A Fish, No Matter How Weird It Gets.Be Happy & Go For Fishing

33 Fluorine Slogans

Cavities Are Mean So Use Fluorine!

31 Gay LGBT Slogans

Armed Gays Don’t Get Bashed.

54 Hunger Slogans

A Handful Of Dough…A Heart-full Of Hope

43 Lacrosse Slogans

All It Takes Is All You’ve Got.

32 Leadership Slogans

A Leader Is The One Who Never Gives Up

31 Oil Pipeline Slogans

Anti-carbon, Pro-science!

32 Slogans For Photography Lovers

A Camera That Puts A World Of Possibilities At Your Fingertips. Literally.

30 Ping Pong Slogans

Always Think…The Ball Is Coming Back!

30 Plumbing Slogans

A Flush Beats A Full House.

30 Rain Harvesting Slogans

Be Cool & Harvest Rain

30 Red Ribbon Week Slogans

A Healthy Me Is Drug Free.