30 Surfing Slogans

Cowards Don’t Surf!!

Do It Like A Surfer

Don’t Try To Stop The Waves, Learn To Surf

Drugs? No Thanks, I’m A Surfer

Eat Sleep Surf Repeat

Eat Well & Surf Often

Enjoy Life, One Wave At A Time

Hail The Surfers

In Love With Surfing

It’s Beach Life

It’s Time To Surf Right Now

Keep Calm & Marry A Surfer

Keep Calm & Surf On

Less Work – More Surf

Live Long & Surf

Make Everyday A Surfing Day

Only Surfing, Nothing Else

Out Of Water, I Am Nothing

Rise And Shine With Waves

Surf Beaches Not Browsers

Surf Like There Is No Tomorrow

Surf On Beaches Not On Internet

Surfing Days Are Awesome Days

Surfing Is In My Heart

Surfing Is Not A Sport, It’s A Life Style

Surfing Is The Way To Be

Surfing Makes Me Happy

This Is What Life Is All About

You Keep Calm, I’ll Go Surf

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