54 Hunger Slogans

A Handful Of Dough…A Heart-full Of Hope

A Healthy Food, For A Wealthy Mood!

Beyond Loaves And Fishes

Bread For All: Weaving A New Food Web

Bread For Every Breath

Conserve Food – Save Lives

Eat Health – Live Healthy

Eat To Live, Not Live To Eat

Enough Is Enough! Beat Hunger, Stop Over Consuming.

Everyone Deserves Lifes Little Luxuries. You Know Food, Water, That Sort Of Thing

Experience Hunger And Share The Food

Fed On Our Deeds

Fed Up With Hunger!

Feed Your Mind With Other’s Hunger.

Fight Hunger In This World Of Plenty

Filling Everyone’s Bowl-is A Christian Goal.

Food – A Matter Of Justice

Food Brings Peace Of Mind To People World Never Minded

Food Does The Soul Good

Food For Affirming Life

Food For All – Peace On Earth

Food For All! Food For Dignified Survival!

Food For Everyone

Food For Hungry Souls

Food For My People – Food For Thought

Food For Survival Or Survival For Food

Food For The World Today – Hope For The World Tomorrow

Food Is Not Even A Need, It’s A Must!

Food Justice: Enough To Go Round!

Food, Fuel For Faith

Food: A Need Well Deserved

Forgiveness For Our Souls, Food For Our Bodies, Faith For Both

Go With The Grain

Good Food Ends With Good Talk

Got Food? Then Share It With Someone That Doesn’t.

Happiness: A Good Bank Account, A Good Cook, And A Good Digestion

Help A Dude With Some Food

Hunger Hurts! Stop Talking, Start Sharing

Hunger: I’m Fed Up

Hungry For Justice.

Hungry People Are Angry People

Hungry People Do No Good, But, Anything For Food!

It Shall Serve As Food For You And For Them.

Let’s All Eat Something Today,I Mean All Of Us.

Man Is What He Eats

No Development With An Empty Stomach

No Food;no Work

No Justice When Half The World Is Hungry !

No Peace Without Justice – Let’s Fight Hunger

Share Food – Save Lives

Stop Hunger: Start Sharing!

Working For Justice Nourishes The Soul

Worries Go Down Better With Soup

Your Choice: A Voice For Food Florence

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