36 Anti Junk Food Slogans

Always go for healthy food not for junk.

Avoid junk food to keep doctors away.

Avoid junk food to stay away from diseases.

Avoid junk food with ease to be devoid of obese.

Be strict enough to skip junk food.

Character is beauty, don’t allow it to be junk!

Don’t eat junk food to have feeling good.

Don’t regret but just notice what you ate.

Eat this and get fat and unheathy!

Eat your meal under your zeal.

Fast food = fast death.

Fast food = Junk food = Skunk food

Fast food is fast-rotting food.

Fast Food: Food 4 fools

Fast foods lessen your life length by many years.

Have fast food, have fast diseases.

Healthy food bless us but junk food mess us.

Hey Dude! Eat healthy food.

If you eat fast foods you will get diseases fast.

Junk food can cause harm to health, which can washed out your wealth.

Junk food is fat food.

Junk food is INJURIOUS to health.

Junk food shifts you from healthy to fatty.

Junk food, you must eat less, to prolong life and reduce stress.

Junk foods are toxins, eat only healthy foods.

Junk foods are way to painful life whereas healthy foods happy life!

Junk foods make your life junk.

Limit your fast food otherwise it will be your last food.

Need empty calories? Eat junk.

Pleasure on the lips, lifetime on the hips.

Put junk foods into dustbin not into your stomach.

Skip junk food to remain in shape.

Watch your weight and food you ate.

You are a living body not a box; just eat right!

Your body shows about your eating habits.

Your fast food can be your last food.

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Nikita lonkar says:

I love the above slogan , in fact that’s true & people should avoid junk food but they cant .
Healthy food improves our immunity & gives us a healthy life…

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