88 Deodorant Slogans

24 Hour All Natural Deodorant – Nubian Heritage Deodorant

2x Sweat Defence, Extreme Confidence – Denver

Accessorize your underarms. – Nivea Pearl & Beauty

Add a little Irish to your Game – Irish Spring Deodorant

All Day Cool – Eo Organic Deodorant

All Day Freshness Deo – Eva Deodorant

All in; Impossible is Nothing – Adidas Deodorant

Anything’s possible. – Streax Xenoh Deodorant

Avoid sweat. Attract women. – Lynx Deodorants

Be Sure to be dry. – Sure Deodorant

Be U-R-Self – Integriti Deodorant

Beauty is confidence. – Nivea Deodorant

Bina Gas Wala Body-spray – Fogg Deodorant

Confidence, Man – Playboy Deodorant

Consider Bringing A Flashlight – Hollister Deodorant

Don’t rely on fate. – Axe Body Spray

Don’t sweat it. Handle it. – Speed Stick Deodorant

Effective protection. Beautiful results. – Dove Deodorant

Effectively Neutarlizes Odor And Absorbs Wetness – Schmidt’s Deodorant

Eliminates Body Odor – Roll On Deodorant

Feel Fantastic. – Fa Deodorant

Find your magic. – Axe, brand of deodorants, body sprays

For Family Protection – Milcu Deodorant

For moments that matter – Speed Stick Gear Deodorant

Gentle, Long Lasting Freshness – Bionsen Deodorant

Get Involved volunteer exceed – Polo Ralph Lauren Deodorant

Get Ready Get Close – Cinthol Deodorant

Get The World Addicted To You – Addiction Deodorant

Give Into The Guilty Pleasure Of Breaking Boundaries – Gucci Deodorant

Goes On Clear – Dry Idea Deodorant

He Respect, For Real Men Who Respect Women – He Deodorant

Healing Humanity , One Body At Time – Herbalix Restoratives Deodorant

Hugo Boss – Boss Deodorant

Impossible is Nothing – Adidas Deodorant

Improved Fragrance – Tom’s Of Maine Deodorant

In Harmony With Nature And The Human Being – Weleda Deodorant

Intimate Men Care – Freshim Deodorant

Invest In Yourself – Native Deodorant

It starts with you.- Nivea Men Deodorants

It won’t let you down. – Rexona Deodorant

It Works Use Carefully – Vanesa Deodorant

It’s All About Saving Money – Ogavaa Deodorant

‘It’s What Attracts – Jovan Deodorant

Just Do It – Nike Deodorant

Keep Skin Healthy – Sanex Deodorant

Like No Other – 18+ Deodrant

Love Has An All New Language – Engage Deodorant

Make a smellmitment. – Old Spice Timber

Makes You Magnet – Mezno Deodorant

Mansome Is Awesome – English Blazer Victory Deodorant

Meaty Fresh – Power Bacon Deodrant

Men can’t help acting on Impulse. – Impulse, female body spray

My Yardley, My Fragrance – Yardley Deodorant

Never let them see you sweat – Gillette Deodorant

No Gas Only Deo – Bold Deodorant

Oh lola; Bang – Marc Jacobs Deodorant

Old Spice Re-Fresh Body Spray

Peaceful Warrior – Saje Deodorant

Perfume Your Body Spray – Envy 1000 Deodorant

Play the Lead – Park Avenue Deodorant

Protect yourself from white marks. – Sure Crystal

Protection that’s undetected. – Sure Unscented

Protects you like a man. Treats you like a woman. – Lady Speed Stick Deodorant

Pure Fragrance , Nothing Else – Layer’r Shot Deodorant

Pure Pleasure – Herbaria Deodorant

Right Guard. For the win. – Right Guard, brand of men’s deodorants

Shower Clean – Invisible Solid – Degree Deodorant

Simple And True – Humble Deodorant

Smell better than yourself. – Old Spice Deodorants

Smell Strong – Addiction Deodorant

Smellcome to manhood. – Secret, Deodorant

Splash It All Over – Brut Deodorant

Stay Cool And Fresh – Maca Root Deodorant

The Axe Effect – Gets you more than before! – Axe deodorants

The Essence Of Joy – Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Deodorant

The most powerful sweat + odor control. – Mitchum Deodorants

The New Fragrance For Men – Versace Eros Deodorant

The One Gentleman – Dolce & Gabbana Deodorant

Very Cool Spray – Dior Sauvage Deodorant

Very Very Sexy – Set Wet Deodrant

We’ll take care of sweat and odor. The rest is up to you. – Ban Deodorant

What are you doing tonight? – Sure Deo Wipes

What Do You Want To Be Tonight? – Kamasutra Deodorant

Whatever makes you sweat. – Sure for Men

When you’re strong you sparkle. – Secret Platinum Protection

Whitening Anti-perspirant Deodorant – Belo Essentials

Wild By Nature – Wild Stone Deodorant

Your Hygenic Miracle Aid – Dr Mist Deodorant

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