31 Oil Pipeline Slogans

Anti-carbon, Pro-science!

Dont Be A Gashole.

Dont Be Frackin Crazy!

Dont Frack With My Future!

Dont Spoil Our Water!

Farmers Not Frackers

Fire The Climate Deniers!

Frack Is Wack

Fracking = Climate Chaos

Fracking Creates A River Of Doubt

Get The Frack Out!

Go With The Flow, Protect Our Water.

Health Over Wealth

Hit The Road, Frack

Keep The Frack Out Of My Water

Let Them Drink Benzene!

Listen To The Many, Not The Money!

Love Your Lake… Dont Frack It!

Methane Blows

No Dash For Gas!

No Drill, No Spill

No Water. No Future.

Nope: Not On Planet Earth

Not So Fast, Natural Gas

Private Profit, Public Risk,

Spread The Word…Not The Oil.

Stop Fracking Us!

They Get Rich. You Get Cancer.

Were Heard This Frack Before

Wind Doesnt Burn!

You Cant Drink Money

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