30 Water Pollution Slogans

Be the solution to the water pollution

Don’t let anyone to pollute the water

Don’t pollute the water

Don’t pollute water & stay healthy

Don’t spoil water and understand the value of water.

Fight water pollution at right time before being late.

If you continue polluting water, you have to pay a big cost in future.

If you drink polluted water you may get gastro diseases.

If you pollute water, you pollute life.

It is the pollution, making the nature dead

Keep calm & stop water pollution

Live long & don’t pollute water

Love your wife & don’t pollute water

No more water pollution

No pollution is the only solution

Polluted water carries water borne diseases.

Polluted water causes diarrhea to your kids.

Polluted water costs much to you every year!

Raise your voice against water pollution.

Save water from pollution to secure the future.

Say no to water pollution

Say no to water pollution and lead a healthy life

Stand up against water pollution

Stop pollution or the water will be as clear as mud

Stop water pollution and live a healthy life

The water you pollute will find its way back to you

Think about solution of water pollution.

Unite to search solution for water pollution.

Water is life, don’t pollute it.

Water is to drink not pollute and waste.

Water pollution is a bad solution

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