30 Rain Harvesting Slogans

Be Cool & Harvest Rain

Collect the water from rain to live without pain.

Do you harvest rain water? If not, start today!

Dont be conserve but conserve the rain water.

Dont let rain water run away, let it run to the earth again.

Dont make earth devoid of water, just save rain water.

Dont waste even a drop of water, make earth rich of water.

Harvest rain water to continue life on the earth.

Harvest rain water to use in difficult times of drought.

Harvest the rain water to reduce the use of clean water.

Harvest the rain water to remove thirst of earth.

Its a rain harvesting thing, you wouldnt understand

No rain only pain, no water no life.

Rain rain everywhere and not a single drop to drink

Rain water harvesting is the way to conserve rain water.

Rain water, use for life

Raise the level of ground water through rain water harvesting.

Reaping the Rain

Save rain to be away from pain.

Save rain water today to enjoy your tomorrow on the earth.

Save the rain water to continue life on earth.

Save the rain, dont let it go down the drain

Save the water of rain and dont let it to drain.

Slow the water flow to save more water.

Thank you for rain harvesting

Use your brain to save water even from rain.

Water is the soul of earth, dont separate both.

We reap what we sow when we go with the flow!

When it rains… We store

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