40 Creative Save Fuel Slogans

A unit saved is more than the unit generated

Be cool , save fuel

Be wise Be a fuel saver

Best habit is the habit of saving fuel

Burn Fat Not Oil

Conserve Energy, Use less fuel, Jogg to work

Cool people save fuel

Don’t Add Fuel To The Fire Of Global Warming

Don’t Be Cruel Conserve Your Fuel

Don’t be Fuelish!

Don’t use fuel, use Muel

Fuel conservation is the only solution

I want you to save fuel

If It Ain’t Far Don’t Take The Car

If you’re going less than a mile, don’t drive walk awhile.

Imagine a day without fuel

It’s all about saving fuel

Keep calm & save fuel

Kick global warming by saving fuel

Let’s start saving fuel

No choice other than saving fuel

Oil is draining from earth it starts with your engine.

Oil is like time. once gone will never come back

Oil which burns never returns

Oil: Decrease the Need.

Properly inflated tires save fuel

Put on your walking shoes!

Save fuel for next generations

Save Fuel Save Earth

Save fuel to rule

Save fuel today Use fuel tomorrow

Save fuel today, secure your tomorrow

Save fuel. Save environment. Save earth.

Save Oil, Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Planet

Saving fuel is the only solution

Slogans can’t save fuel but you can

Stay cool and save fuel

The Less You Burn The More You Earn

Turn off the car, I ain’t that far!

Use fuel efficient products to save fuel for future

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umesh says:

best ever slogans

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Wonderful and heart touching slogans

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Nice 🥰 very helpful

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