50 Credit Card Slogans

A travel card that makes every detail exceptional. – American Express Aeroplan Reserve Card

Credit power booster. – BOBCards in India

Don’t spend more, spend smarter. – GM Gold Card

Double means double. – Citi Double Cash

Eclipses all others. – NatWest Black Reward Card

Explore the world with UnionPay. – UnionPay Credit Cards

Finally, access for everyone. – RushCard, prepaid Visa card

For larger living. – UOB CashPlus Credit Card in Singapore

For more of the things you love. – M&S Credit Card

Get the card that gets you the car. – Ford Citibank Card

Great coffee now has its own currency. – Starbucks Payment Card

Helping you find profits in new places. – MasterCard Corporate

Here to help. Not to sell. – Discover Card Customer Service

Instead of one place, it’s good all over the place. – American Express Gift Card

It pays to Discover. – Discover Credit Card

It pays to pay. – Morgan Stanley Credit Card

It takes the waiting out of wanting. – Access Credit Cards in England and Ireland

It’s everywhere you want your business to be. – Visa Business

It’s like being a kid in a rewards store. – American Express Blue

It’s your window to the things you want. – Sony Card from Capital One

Let it speak for you. – HSBC Gold Credit Card

Live more. – HSBC Bank Credit Cards

Make life rewarding. – American Express Credit Card

Make life simple. – SBI Credit Card in India

Making payment simpler. – Barclaycard

Membership changes everything. – American Express Platinum

More living. Less limits. – World Mastercard

Never miss another mile. – Citibank AAdvantage

Nothing attracts rewards faster. – Nectar Credit Card from American Express

Plastic surgery you have to have. – Virgin Money

Prepare yourself with Laser therapy. – Laser Debit Card in Ireland

Priceless. – MasterCard

Relax. You’ve got Master Charge. – Master Charge (now MasterCard)

Show your support. – Leeds United Credit Card

Start living your dreams. – MBNA Credit Cards

The new cash. – Maestro Debit Card

The power to give.- ICICI Bank Credit Cards

The right card, every time. – Post Office Credit Card

Today’s way to pay. – BankAmericard

Travel in good company. – Diners Club Credit Cards

Turn your receipts into trips. – British Airways American Express Credit Card

Uniquely yours. – JCB Credit Cards in Japan

Use it when money matters. – Credit card of Halifax Bank

Use your Marbles. – Marbles Credit Cards

What travel is all about. – AirPlus Corporate Cards

Wherever you go. – Eurocard

Yes you can. – Visa

You know what you’re doing. – American Express Optima

Your card is the key. – GM Rewards Credit Cards

Your money at home and abroad. – Switch Debit Card (now Maestro)

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