30 Ping Pong Slogans

Always Think…The Ball Is Coming Back!

Finish Your Stroke…Then Move.

Get Low; Stay Low!

Always A Hot Shot.

Baby Got Backspin.

Cheer Up, It’s Only Table Tennis.

Don’t Wait For It, Hunt It,

Every Ball Counts!

Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

Hustle, Hit, And Never Quit.

I Beat Forrest Gump.

It’s On Like Ping Pong.

Keep Calm And Ping Pong.

Let’s Bounce.

Let’s Get It On Like Ping Pong In Hong Kong.

No Ball Is Too Easy.

Outwit Beats Outhit.

Ping Pong Ninja

Place The Ball Where It Wants To Go.

Placement; Not Power!

Play It Forward.

Play The Point, Not The Situation.

Serve Me A Double.

Slice, Slice Baby.

Spin Is The Name Of The Game.

The Human Backboard.

The More You Hit The More You Win.

The Spin Cycle Is On High.

We’re Downright Smashing!

You Just Got Served.

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