31 Weight Loss Slogans

Bigger Snacks, Bigger Slacks

Burn Calories Not Gas.

Burn Fat Not Oil

Burn Than Fat And Watch Your Belly Go Flat.

Commit To Be Fit.

Diet Cures More Than Doctors.

Don’t Wait To Lose Weight.

Drop The Fries And Move Those Thighs!

Easy To Gain, Hard To Lose.

Eat Great, Lose Weight.

Eat Right And The Pants Won’t Be Tight.

Eat Right, Future Bright.

Eat To Live; Don’t Live To Eat.

Eat Well, Feel Well, Look Well!

For Good Health’s Sake, Run, Jump And Shake.

Give Up The Fat, Watch Your Belly Go Flat.

Have Self-control So You Don’t Look Like A Cinnamon Roll.

Just Weight & See.

Losing Weight, Feeling Great.

Move It Or Lose It.

Nothing Tastes As Good As Being Healthy Feels.

Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels.

Pleasure On The Lips, Lifetime On The Hips.

Take Charge, Don’t Be Large.

To Lose That Gut Get Off Your Butt!

Veggies You Must Eat, To Become Petite.

Workout Everyday And Pounds Will Fade Away.

You Didn’t Gain It Overnight So Don’t Expect To Lose It Overnight.

You Have To Eat Right For The Fat To Take Flight

You’ll Huff And Puff If You Eat A Lot Of Stuff.

Your Stomach Shouldn’t Be A Waist Basket.

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