30 Addiction Recovery Slogans

An Addict Alone Is In Bad Company

An Addict Cannot Be Grateful And Hateful At The Same Time

Be Part Of The Solution, Not Part Of The Problem.

Bring The Body And The Mind Will Follow

Call Your Sponsor Before, Not After, You Take The First Drink

Change Is A Process, Not An Event

Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude

Don’t Quit Before The Miracle Happens

Every Day Is A Gift That Is Why We Call It The ‘Present.

Every Recovery From Addiction Began With One Sober Minute.

Formula For Failure: Try To Please Everyone.

I Was Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired

If You Don’t Want To Slip, Stay Away From Slippery Places

If You Expect Respect, Be The First To Show Some

If You Want To Stay Clean, Don’t Use

Keep Coming Back.

Learn To Listen And Listen To Learn

Look After The Little Things.

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Nothing Is So Bad, A Drink Won’t Make It Worse

One Drink Is Too Many And Thousand Not Enough.

Progress, Not Perfection

Recovery Begins With The First Step

Recovery Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Recovery Is A Journey …Not A Destination

The Key To Freedom Is In The Steps

We’re All Here Because We’re Not All There

When A Person Tries To Control Their Addiction They Have Already Lost Control

When Your Head Begins To Swell Your Mind Stops Growing.

You Only Get Out Of It What You Put Into It

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