45+ Creative Slogans About Pollution

All types of pollution are equally harmful

A clean Earth needs everyone’s help- And especially yours!

Be a surveyor for the Ozone layer.

Be a part of solution but not pollution

Be green! Keep our planet clean!

Be The Solution To Air Pollution

Bring Earth back to life.

Control pollution first, then your anger

Clear skies, clear conscience!

Don`t Dump it, Donate it

Don’t let our future go up in smoke

Find a solution else our future will become an ILLUSION

Fight pollution for your coming generations

Give a hoot. Don’t pollute!

Hate pollution, love humanity

I dare you to care for this earth!

Keep under your foot the trust of those who pollute

Keep your kids away from polluters

My Summer Vacation Homework. “Save our City”

Not up in smoke up with hope

Prevent pollution, protect nature

Pollution is lethal

Pollution means slow poison

Pollution never forgives and must destroy us

Pollution, pollution, get a solution

Pollution destroys human population

Pollution: it gets me all coughed up

Polluting is criminal offence

Pollution does not help plant evolution

Polluting means killing the environment

Polluter is enemy of nature

Reduce air pollution & increase your life span

Solution of pollution lies in dilution

Stop pollution before it’s too late

Stop pollution by mitigation

Stop pollution gain more fresh air

Stop pollution or get ready for your elimination

Stop pollution, plant more trees

Save the oak, don’t choke on smoke

Stow it, don’t throw it.

Take a deep breath, don’t choke.

The Earth: love it or leave it.

Those who create soot actually pollute

The only solution to pollution is (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

The more pollution in the sky, the more nature dies

Use your brain, don’t clog that drain!

Unite against all polluters

You can’t feel the pollution unless you hate it

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