52 Slogans For Saving Trees

A tree is a collective property so do take care of it

Always stop cutting of trees

Cutting a tree means killing a living being

Dare to be a friend of tree

Don’t cut a tree Don’t cut a life

Don’t cut, hug the tree

Each one, Plant one

Earth looks ugly without trees

Feel free to plant a tree

Fight floods with trees

It’s all about the trees buddy

Join hands to save trees

Keep calm & live green

Keep calm & plant more trees

Keep The Green. Cut The Greed

Lend a hand to save trees

Let’s save trees

Life is impossible without trees

Love your life & plant more trees

Love your wife & don’t cut trees

Make your garden beautiful by planting trees

May the Forest be with you

Only fool cut the trees

Plant a tree and get air for free

Plant a tree and get oxygen for free

Plant a tree to make this world pollution-free

Planting more trees is the only solution

Save paper Save trees

Save Paper, Save Trees, Save the Planet

Save tree Save life

Save trees for future generation

Save trees for your life

Save trees or Die!

Save trees to save our planet

Save trees to save ourselves

Save Trees, Eat A Beaver

Save trees, prevent water pollution.

Save trees, reduce air pollution.

Save trees, reduce noise pollution.

Saving tree is the way to be

Saving trees is our duty

Smash hard the one who cut the trees

Stand up for the trees

Stop cutting trees

Stop Exams! Save Trees!

The best time to plant a tree is just now

Think Green & Live green

Time to say no to cutting trees

Tree is our best friend They give us free oxygen

Trees are not for sale

You can’t breathe without trees

You can’t live without trees

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