30 World Earth Day Slogans

Be an earth lover not hater, if you really want to make this planet alive.

Celebrate earth day every day as living is impossible without earth.

Come On! It’s time to change bad habits to some positive ones to save the earth.

Come On! We must protect the earth from hazards.

Decorate the earth with clean and green to secure it.

Earth day is dedicated to earth for its safety and protection.

Earth day make us realize our responsibilities towards earth.

Earth is only planet for life and no other alternate.

Earth is only planet where we can live. Use its resources but don’t waste.

Earth is our home and we are living in very dirty home. Join together to make it clean and safe.

Go green to keep the earth clean.

Green revolution is the best way to secure our earth for future.

If you think of a better future, must take a pledge to save earth.

Join the campaign to know the value of earth and life on this planet.

Mother earth is so kind and never takes revenge; it’s time to make ourselves kind too.

Our continuous harmful activities may change the mother earth’s mind to worst revenges.

Raise voice against activities declining the condition of earth.

Save earth to save happiness of billions of lives.

Save earth to save your future generations.

Save the earth to save the hope of life in future.

Save the earth to save the living world on this planet.

Spread awareness about importance of earth in this universe on Earth Day.

Stop polluting the earth and follow reduce reuse recycle regime.

Take a pledge at this earth day to protect the earth from pollution.

The condition of earth is declining and the possibility of life too.

This earth day what you will change positively within yourself?

This earth day what you will pledge?

We must celebrate earth day daily to conserve the earth as it is not a one day process.

We must take care of the earth as No Earth, No Life!

World earth day is a day we take positive steps to correct declining condition of earth.

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