33 Cleanliness Slogans

Anti-litter, Don’t Be Bitter, Stop This Litter

Being Green Is Staying Clean.

Clean And Green Is Our Perfect Dream.

Clean Homes. Clean Earth.

Clean Your House And Get Cleaning Free.

Cleaning Spaces. Creating Happy Faces.

Cleanliness Is An Emblem Of Purity Of Mind.

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Cleanliness Is The Half Of The Faith.

Come To A Clean Home, It’s Your Choice.

Don’t Be A (Litter) Tosser.

Don’t Be A Litterbug, Just Give A Tree A Hug

Don’t Litter, It Makes The World Bitter

Don’t Pay The Price, Keep Our City Nice…don’t Litter

Don’t Spit On Roads.

Earth Is Your Wealth

Every Litter Bit Hurts

Experience A Healthier, Cleaner Home.

Experience The Difference.

God Gave Us Green Now Lets Keep It Clean

Green House Cleaning, Its All About You.

Hey, I Ain’t Your Maid, Pick That Up

Keep It Green, Keep It Clean!

Keep Your City Clean And Green For The Future Generations To Be Seen.

Keep Your Earth Clean And Green.

Keep Your Surroundings Always Clean For A Healthy Living.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean, Make The Earth Green.

Lets Go Green To Get Our Globe Clean

Litter – It Makes The City And The Planet Bitter.

Litter More Harmful Than You Realize

Littering Is Trashy

Live Life Cleaner. Make Earth Greener.

Maintain Cleanliness, To Gain Health And Happiness.

My Home Cleaned My Way.

Our Reputation Is Spotless.

Our State Is Not Your Dumpster! Don’t Litter!

Please – Put Your Litter In The Bin!

Please Help Keep The World Clean: Others May Wish To Use It.

Professional Quality Cleaning With A Personal Touch.

Put The Trash In The Can, Man!

Swept Away.

Unmatched Cleaning, Exceptional Experience.

We Clean. A Lot.

We Will Make Your World Spotless.

When It Has To Be Clean.

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