48 Diwali Festival Slogan

Be blessed with good luck and success and not with polluted environment.

Burn your idleness and bad times but not fire-crackers at Diwali.

Burst your bad habits not crackers at Diwali.

Buy books and toys not crackers at Diwali!

Celebrate a safe Diwali if you really want to celebrate it happily forever on earth.

Celebrate Diwali but don’t spoil the environment and beauty of nature.

Celebrate Diwali with family and friends not with fire-crackers.

Celebrate Diwali with joy not with fire-crackers.

Celebrate eco-friendly diwali not pollution-friendly.

Celebrate safe Diwali to be healthy, wealthy and happy.

Celebrate safe Diwali to breathe safe and clean.

Celebrate safe Diwali to get blessings not curse.

Celebrate safe Diwali to keep environment clean and green.

Celebrate safe Diwali to keep environment safe.

Celebrate safe Diwali to maintain beauty of environment.

Celebrate safe Diwali to maintain beauty of nature.

Celebrate safe Diwali to reduce air and noise pollution.

Crackers are waste, avoiding them at Diwali is best.

Distribute sweets not firecrackers at this Diwali.

Diwali needs to burst your ego not crackers.

Don’t be so mean, control yourself what you have been.

Don’t dump the nature’s beauty at Diwali by bursting firecrackers.

Don’t forget the nature at Diwali instead your bad habits.

Don’t forget the nature at Diwali otherwise it will forget you forever.

Dump the pollution not clean air. Avoid bursting fire-crackers at Diwali.

Earn but not burn! Celebrate a safe Diwali.

Earth is only planet we can live; avoid burning firecrackers at Diwali and save earth.

Earth is our home and environment is roof, keep both clean at Diwali.

Encourage people in your areas to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali.

Enjoy Diwali with activities other than burning firecrackers.

Fill your home with decorations not with sound of crackers at Diwali.

Give a clean environment to future generations not a polluted one.

If you burn crackers, it will burn all the clean air then what you will breathe?

It needs to be green not mean at Diwali.

Light the environment with candles and diyas, not with fumes of crackers.

Lit candles, diyas, and not firecrackers at this Diwali.

Lit the lamp to remove darkness but don’t burst crackers to reduce pollution.

Make Diwali a happy diwali not a sad Diwali in future.

Maximize your happiness but minimize air pollution at this Diwali.

Plant a tree this Diwali not burst crackers.

Pledge for noise free Diwali!

Pledge for pollution free Diwali!

Pledge to celebrate a pollution free Diwali!

Say no to fire crackers but yes to greenery.

Think about environment before you burst.

Think about environment safety not your amusement at Diwali.

Think about future and celebrate environment-safe Diwali.

Think to keep earth and environment clean with your home at this Diwali.

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