30 Aviation Slogans

Always say yes to crew

Aviation safety costs little but saves much

Aviation Safety gets you to the sky

Aviation safety is cooler than you think

Be aware, on the ground & the air!

Be safe and fly with confidence

Be safe at ground to be safe in air

Be safe, someone is waiting for you at home

Black box tells the whole story but not save the lives

Don’t be a fool, aviation safety is cool.

Don’t be insane, Practice Safety on a Plane.

Fly it to the end

Flying is not dangerous, crashing is.

Have fun, fly safe

Keep calm & aviate, navigate, communicate

Keep calm & fly safely

Listen to the crew, they know what to do.

Love sky and love your self

No money for safety means No safety

Rise high with safety

Safety can save your and others life

Safety in air starts from the ground

Stay alert, don’t get hurt

Take off safely, fly safely, land safely

Take off with sound mind

Work hard, fly right.

World class, worldwide.

You are now free to move about the country.

You’ll love the way we fly.

You’re going to like us.

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