47 Electrical Safety Slogans

A breaker box is a useful tool, Be sure to use the left hand rule

A faulty cord should not be ignored

A faulty wire can start a flare

A naked wire can cause a fire

An electrical hazard can produce shocking results

An electrical surprise could end up in demise

An overload can explode you

An overload plug can download you to grave

An overloaded receptacle is not acceptable

Avoid loose electrical connections

Be an Electrical safety hero. Score an accident zero

Be aware when electricity is there

Be careful with power, or this will be your last hour

Beat the jolt; check the volt

Check that cord so you don’t get floored

Danger: Do not touch the wires

Don’t be a fool! Keep electrical tools

Don’t be a fool, playing with electricity isn’t cool

Don’t enter an area in front of electrical panel

Don’t get caught short on shock safety

Don’t go up in smoke! Frayed power cords are no joke!

Don’t let electricity come to you as a shock

Don’t let electricity shock to turn you off!

Don’t let overloaded sockets turn you off

Don’t play with Electricity; it has the POWER to Kill

Don’t put your life on the line

Electrical hazards can be averted, if safety requirements are asserted

Electrical safety begins with you

Electrical safety is a full time job

Electrical safety is no joke, correct the hazard or go up in smoke

Electrical safety is up to you and me

Electrical safety leads to fire safety

Electrical safety: When in doubt check it out

Electricity can turn you off

Electricity delivers a KO punch!

Ensure Electrical safety, save life

Ensure electrical safety, save life save property

Keep cord and wires out of the way

Protect yourself from wires

Remember to disconnect, before you correct

Remember, Electricity is fire source too

Stay away from shocks, turn off the breaker box

Stay healthy, use electrical extension cord wisely

Stop! Do not work on live wires

Time to take charge for electrical safety

Too many wires cause electrical flare

You should follow Electrical safety rules

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