33 Slogans for Vegetarian

Animals are our friends not our food

Animals Feel Pain Too.

Animals Have Feelings Too.

Animals love me plants fear me

Be a cow boy not a cow eater

Eat beans not beings.

Feed it, don’t eat it

Fish Are Friends Not Food!

For animals rights, be a vegetarian

Free animals Eat vegetables

I am vegetarian, I save lives

I don’t eat my friends.

I love animals-just not for dinner

I’m proud to be a vegetarian

If You Eat Mice You Get No Rice!

Keep calm and vegan on

Leave meat, change your life

Live green and go green

Love animals, don’t eat them.

Meat is Murder.

Meat’s No Treat For Those You Eat!!!

Save animals Be vegetarian

The only animals I eat are crackers.

Thing vegetarian, go vegetarian

This earth for all of us so go Vegan

Vegan: Stop speciesism.

Vegetables taste better.

Vegetarian, because meat is murder.

Vegetarian, no blood on my hands

Vegetarians save lives

Veggies you must eat, to become petite.

You do not need to kill an animal to eat.

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