46 Hygiene Slogans

Don’t Be A Dope, Wash Your Hands With Water And Soap.

Don’t Be Dirty, Be Neat. Wash Your Hands Before You Eat.

Don’t Hand Out Germs!

Don’t Let Germs Get You Down.

Don’t Pass The Bug, Make Handwashing A Must.

Drown A Germ And Wash Your Hands!

Farewell To Filth, Hello To Health.

Few Hand Wash A Day Would Keep Germs Away.

Give Soap A Chance When Washing Your Hands.

Hand Washing Daily Keeps The Diseases Away.

Hand Washing Good! Germs Bad!

Hand Washing Is Essential For A Happy, Healthy Life.

Hand Washing Is The Gateway To Health.

Handwashing Is An Important Part Of Your Job.

Handwashing Is Up Too Us.

Health And Hygiene Are Wealth And Fitness.

Health Is Wealth, Maintain Hygiene, It Will Maintain Your Health.

Holding Hands Feels Better When They’re Clean.

Hygiene Is Two Thirds Of Health.

In All The Lands, Wash Your Hands.

Infection – Don’t Pass It On.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Let Your Fingers Do The Washing.

Life Is In Your Hands, Wash Them Properly.

Safety First, Wash And Protect.

Soap And Water Go Hand In Hand.

Teach Your Children About Washing Hands, You Are A Wise Parent.

Wash For Happiness.

Wash Hands – Keep Doctor At Far End.

Wash Those Germs Right Off Of Your Hands!

Wash Up, Kill The Germs.

Wash Your Hands And Drown The Germs.

Wash Your Hands And Fingers For Any Germs That Lingers.

Wash Your Hands Everyday To Keep Diseases At Bay.

Washed Hands Are Caring Hands!

Washing Hands, Makes Life Safe.

We’re Counting On You To Clean Your Hands.

Where There Is Proper Hygiene, Health Need Not Worry.

You Are Grand If You Wash Your Hand.

Your Health Is In Your Own Hands, So Be Sure To Wash Them.

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