30 Cricket Slogans

Badminton Is Not As Glamorous As Cricket.

Born To Play Cricket.

Chak De India.

Connect, Create, Cricket

Crick, Crick, Cricket! Don’t Throw Your Wicket.

Cricket As A Passion Is Distinctly Contagious.

Cricket Is Basically Baseball On Valium.

Cricket Is No Excuse For Ignorance.

Cricket Is The Greatest Game That The Wit Of Man Has Yet Devised.

Cricket Is Very Simple… You Play Till You Can Sustain.

Cricket: Win Or Lose, Take Equally.

Endless Cricket, Like Endless Anything Else, Simply Grinds You Down.

Hail Cricket! Glorious, Manly, British Game! First Of All Sports! Be First Alike In Fame!

Happy Feet – No More Cold Feats

Hustle And Heart Set Us Apart

It Is Far More Than A Game, This Is Cricket.

Keep A Good Length, And The Maidens Will Come.

Leave Everything Play Cricket.

More Blocks Then Lego Land.

My Doctor Says I Have High Cricket Fever.

My Heart Beats For Cricket.

No Cricket… No Life

Stop Dating, Start Batting.

Things Never Turn Out In Cricket As One Expects.

What Is Human Life But A Game Of Cricket?

When Night Falls… Cricket Rises Here

You Can Cut The Tension With A Cricket Stump.

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