31 Badminton Slogans

A little birdie told me: It’s time to play Badminton!

Are you fast enough to handle a badminton shuttle?

Badminton is definitely not a bad sport.

Badminton to the Bone.

Badminton, no less than Ninja

Badminton, the sport that loves to give you the bird…

Badminton, you like it when you get the bird.

Badminton… watch the birdie!

Badminton: Too Fast too Furious.

Birdie watchers watch out!

Can you make a bird fly?

Catch the shuttlecock…careful with that one!!!!

Don’t be afraid to make a little racket.

East or West badminton is the best.

Eat. Sleep. Badminton.

Even a dead bird can still fly.

Give your opponent the bird.

I am the badminton player, who hits through the ozone layer.

I let my racket do the talking.

King of the Swing.

Let’s make the bird fly.

Life is a game, Badminton is serious.

Make the feathers fly.

Serve it, smash it, win it, love it.

Smash me with your hot shot

Stop looking at my shuttlecock

Take the Badminton with the good.

Talk with your raquet, play with your heart.

There’s nothing bad about badminton.

We put the Bad in Badminton.

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