34 Anti Weed Slogans

Weedy is a greedy

Weed, sexual capacity reducer

Weed, ruins brain

Weed user is a looser

Weed kills, this message is approved by GOD

Weed kills you slowly

Weed is not a problem solver

Weed is not a need

Weed is harmful for your memory

Weed is a smoking gun

Weed is a bad thing

Weed is a bad deed

Weed costs you your life

Weed Costs You More Than Money

Weed causes anxiety

There is no need to smoke any weed.

Take a lead, leave weed

Stop watering the weeds!!

Sing songs and avoid weed

Say no weed, say yes to life

No need for weed.

Make it your creed to not smoke weed.

Make it a norm to ban weed in dorms.

Kick the weed

Keep calm and stay away from weed

I like hugs, not drugs

God Made The Herb To Use, Not To Abuse

Go green but never grow marijuana

Don’t do weed, do Yoga

Do a good deed, stop smoking that weed

Do a good deed and kill the weed

Delete weed and start good deeds

Be a good deeder, not a weeder

A friend in deed, does not smoke that weed

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