37 Anti Corruption Slogans

Anti corruption start from you.

Be a participant of India against corruption.

Be the hero and fight corruption.

Be the initiator of anti-corruption!

Build a corruption free society in your area.

Clean India, Corruption free India!

Corruption corruption go away leave my country, this I pray.

Corruption eats country’s power and makes it empty.

Corruption has no back gear, just stay away of it!

Corruption is a crime; let it destroy before it destroys us.

Corruption is a disease having no medicine.

Corruption is a hidden robber, robs us all 24 hrs.

Corruption is not good for anybody.

Corruption is practiced by the people of lose character.

Corruption makes the country empty from inside.

Corruption only affects a common man!

Corruption shows dishonor while honesty honor.

Corruption: eating away from the inside out.

Country without corruption is perfect for its citizens!

Don’t be part of corruption, be a part of solution.

Don’t be the part of corruption if you really want development in the country.

Fight corruption if you want a better society!

Honest people become away from corruption.

Honesty pays Honors and Corruption Dishonors.

Just be honest and raise voice against corruption.

People with corruption are hungry for money!

Pollution by corruption leads to our destruction.

Prevent yourself from corruption!

Save the country, fight against corruption.

Say loudly, No to corruption.

Shame on fame came through corruption.

Shame on names who corrupt country’s fame.

We are against corruption, Are you!

We are in need to stop the greed.

We will do our part so corruption will be caught.

Your corruption leads you towards disruption.

Your greedy habits pull you towards corruption.

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