34 Anti Bullying Slogans

A bully won’t stop until he is stopped.

Be a friend put bullying to an end!

Be cool in our school, It’s Bully Free, And so are we.

Be happy, bullies hate it!

Bullies are not cool, they are just bitter fools.

Bullies are not friends.

Bullies Lose In The End.

Bullies tear down. Friends build up.

Bulling is bad.. Don’t make others feel sad.

Bulling is cruel so dont act like a fool.

Bullying is a key that opens no lock.

Bullying is cruel, not cool.

Bullying is for losers.

Bullying is lame, so don’t play the game.

Bullying is like smoking, it can kill.

Bullying is Whack, Get On The Right Track.

Bullying Leaves Bruises Inside.

Bullying Stops Here.

Cyber Bullying Leaves Bruises Inside.

Don’t be a bully, be a friend.

Friend Me, Don’t Bully Me.

Geeks Against Bullying.

Ignore Bullies and They Will Go Away.

It’s easy to bully, but the really strong help others.

Leave bullying to bulls. Be human.

Let’s cheer, bulling is not accepted here!

Life with a bully around is painful.

People have no right to bully others.

Silent tears can become deadly tears.

Some bruises are on the inside. Stop bullying

Stop Bullying, Speak Up.

Stop the Cycle of Bullying.

Stop the pain YOU cause.

Zip it, Block it, Flag it!

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