31 Anti-Cocaine Slogans

Be smart – Don’t start

Better to abstain from Cocaine

Cocaine makes you insane

Cool dudes hate Cocaine

Do it before its too late

Don’t mess your brain with cocaine

Drug free is the way to be.

Drug free life, the best life

Drug use is life abuse.

Drugs affect more than just you.

Drugs are whack so watch your back.

Drugs aren’t cool they make you act like a fool.

Get high on Life, not on drugs.

Hang tough, don’t puff.

I rather eat bugs than do drugs.

It’s not a lie, drugs will make your mama cry.

Kick it before it kicks you

Learn to refuse the Cocaine use

Live and let live

Make healthy choices, say no to Cocaine

Quit & Stay healthy

Quit and live like a Lion

Reach for the stars, not for drugs.

Say no to Cocaine, say yes to life

Stay Cocaine free

Stop it for life

Stop today – Live tomorrow

The more you use, the less you live

Time to decline Cocaine

Time to quit Cocaine

Use your brain, don’t fry it!

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