30 Anti Trump Slogans

All Lives Matter! Now Stay The Hell Out Of My Country!

Build Love, Not Walls

Don’t Let Him Trump Your Rights!

Don’t Trump America!

Dump The Trump!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Trump.

He Will Not Divide Us!

I Am Not With Him!

I Want Substantive Change But Will Settle For You Not Killing Us

Make America Hate Again

Make Love, Not Wall!

No Bullies, No Trump

No Racism, No Hate, No Trump-ler

None Of Us Were Rooting For You

Nothing Trumps Justice

Our Rights Are Not Up For Grabs!

Rich White Trash For President!

The Law He’s Breached, We Must Impeach!

There Will Be Hell Toupee!

Trump Is Hate!

Trump/pence: Make America Hell Again

Trump: Do The White Thing

Trumpster For The Dumpster

We Can’t Fix Stupid But We Can Vote It Out!

Yuge Mistake!

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