39 Anti Terrorism Slogans

A misguided terrorist is a human bomb.

Blow up balloons, not people!

Bullets sound the same in every language.

Don’t keep calm, stand against terrorism

Don’t kill the children.

Don’t threaten people with guns or fists.

Every religion is against terrorism

Fanaticism and terrorism have no place in Islam.

Guns Kill terrorists, education kills terrorism

I want you to stand against terrorism

I’m against terrorism, what about you?

If we do our part, terrorism will be caught

Join the war against terrorism

Keep calm & stop terrorism

Killing innocent people is the problem, not the solution

No to extremism & terrorism

No war, no terrorism

Nothing can justify terrorism

Nothing, nothing justifies terrorism.

oins hands against terrorism

Remember No one likes a terrorist!

Say no to terrorism

Spread love & peace, not guns

Stand united against terrorism

Stop state sponsored terrorism.

Stop terrorism, it’s everybody’s job

Terrorism free is the way to be

Terrorism has no nationality or religion

Terrorism hurts all

Terrorism is like leaping in the dark.

Terrorism is living upto nothing.

Terrorism isn’t Heroism

Terrorism, do you part to stop it today

Terrorists, leave my world.

The war against terrorism is terrorism.

Together we will stop terrorism!

Unite to end terrorism now

War is terrorism

You don’t have to take a life to get a life.

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