30 Anti Human Trafficking Slogans

A human life is not an object.

Divided we fall, terrorism divides.

End the Misery, Stop Human Trafficking.

Families Belong Together

Human trafficking is a criminal offense.

Human Trafficking is modern day slavery

Human trafficking violates human rights.

Human Trafficking, Society Cracking

Humanity is on the march, don’t let Earth be left behind.

Humans aren’t the only species on Earth, We just act like it!

Humans not for sale.

Humility is our acceptance of ourselves

I Like Being Me and Staying Drug Free

Mostly terrorism is for no rhyme or reason

Move hearts, not the humans

No-one Can Own Anyone.

People are not the only inhabitants on Earth, we just act like it.

Put the RIGHT back into Rights

Ragging free campus.

Ragging is a crime, condemned by the nation.

Ragging is a crime, reward is jail.

Save Earth from Humans

Say No To Ragging.

Stolen people, stolen dreams

Taking someone away means taking away their dreams

Terrorism by choice is self-destruction.

Terrorism is labor under a delusion

Together, we combat child trafficking.

We’ll love you until you learn to love yourself

Zero tolerance to ragging.

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