30 Anti Dowry Slogans

Arrest the killers of women.

Avoid dowry, marry for harmony.

Avoid taking dowry, lead a glorious life.

Be a Man, Say NO to Dowry.

Behave manly, depend on your earnings, Why demand dowry?

Behave manly, depend on your earnings.

Condemn dowry deaths, by not demanding dowry.

Do not be greedy, stop DOWRY!

Don’t degrade yourself by demanding dowry.

Don’t search for a shareholder,select a life-partner.

Don’t sell yourself, have self confidence.

Dowry Greed Leads To Heinous Deeds.

Dowry the mask of flowers hides a terrorist’s face

Drugs affect more than just you

Have privilege of not marrying money

I promise never to give or take dowry.

If you have power you earn it, don’t beg for it.

Its disgrace to our own race,

Keep trash not , keep litter not

Man must support his wife if in-laws harass her.

Men Who Are Cowardly, Depend on a Girl’s Dowry.

Refuse dowry, diffuse dowry deaths.

Resist or you will regret. Taking dowry is no grace.

Several lives sacrificed for dowry, stop this sacrilege.

Shame on those who demand dowry.

Take Dowry, Invite Worry!

Taking dowry is no grace

Who chooses a wife based on the dowry, will have a painful life.

Women are not for Burning.

Your better half gives a better deal in life, don’t deal with dowry.

2 Responses on “30 Anti Dowry Slogans”

Manyata Shah says:

Marry a girl, not money

Devjani Dey says:

Be a man , Not a beggar

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