30 Retirement Slogans

A Retired Husband Becomes A Wife’s Full Time Job.

A Short Retirement Urges A Sweet Return.

Goodbye Tension. Hello Pension.

I’m Retired But I Work Part-time Spoiling My Grandkids

It Doesn’t Take Age To Retire, It Takes Money.

It;s Time For A New Adventure.

It’s Officially Nap Time!

Life Begins At Retirement

My Job Is Done, Now It’s Time To Have Some Fun

My Work Is Done. Retirement Here I Come

Now The Real Fun Begins.

Now Theres Time For Everything.

Retire From Work, But Not From Life.

Retired And Down To One Boss: My Wife

Retired And Working It Like Nobody’s Business

Retired Not Expired

Retired. Now Give Me My Senior Discount.

Retired: Gainfully Unemployed And Proud Of It

Retired: The Pay Sucks But The Hours Are Good

Retirement Is A Full Time Job.

Retirement Is One Big Coffee Break

Retirement Is The Ugliest Word In The Language.

Retirement Kills More People Than Hard Work Ever Did.

Retirement: Goodbye To Setting My Alarm For Work.

The Money’s No Better In Retirement But The Hours Are.

The Question Isn’t At What Age I Want To Retire, It’s At What Income.

When You Quit Working Just Before Your Heart Does.

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