47 Romantic Slogans

Be with me darling, early & late

Every day I spend with you becomes the new best day of my life

Every time I look at the keyboard, I see that U & I are always together

Happiness looks gorgeous on you

I do love nothing in the world as much as you

I don’t regret a second of the time I spent with you

I like you a lot, more than a lot, a lot, a lot

I love it when I catch you looking at me

I love things that make you happy

I love you every step of the way

I may not be your first love, But I want to be your last

I never felt this way before until I met you

I think about you all the time

I turned out liking you a lot more than I originally planned

I want to be with you until the Sun falls from the sky

I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye

I would give up my happiness just to see you smile

I’d cross the world for someone like you

I’m flying high in your love!

I’m in love with you and all your little things

If I fall asleep texting you, it’s because I didn’t want to say goodbye

It’s you, It’s always been you

Life makes sense only when I see you at the end of the day

Looking at you takes my breath away

My heart is and always will be yours

My heart stops when you look at me

My mind is full of you

Since you’ve been around, I smile a lot more than I use to

Take care of my heart, I’ve left it with you

The first time I saw you, my heart whispered that’s the one

To be with you, that’s all I want

To me you’re perfect

True love never dies, it only gets stronger with time

When I look at the stars at night, I think of you

You are my one & only

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You are the first and last thing on my mind each & everyday

You are the guy, all my love quotes are about

You are the one for me, my soul mate

You came and you changed my world

You don’t cross my mind, you live in it

You have no idea how fast my heart beats, when I see You!

You hold my heart in your hands, don’t clap

You stole my heart, but I’ll let you keep it

You’re my sunshine on a rainy day

You’ve got my only heart

Only you can give me that feeling

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