63 Anti Rape Slogans

We had sex before is not consent

Beware of nice uncles

Blame rapists for rape, Not women

Break the silence, on men’s violence.

Breasted ladies shouldn’t get molested

Chop off their raping tool

Death for rapists!

Death for women abusers

Don’t hide, speak out

Don’t tell me how to dress, tell them not to rape.

Don’t tell your daughter not to go out, tell your son to behave properly

Drinking is not a crime, Rape is

End violence to women NOW.

Enough is Enough, Stop rape now.

Every 90 minutes, a rape case

Eye for eye, you rapist?

Fight back, kill rapists

Flirting is not consent, Silence is not consent

Girls aren’t toy

Girls should be treated as human beings first

Hang the rapist

Hang the rapist, we want justice

Join hands to Stop Rapists

Justice for Women Now, Stop Rape Now.

Kill rapists not Pandas

Listen when a girl says NO

Looking good is not a crime, Rape is

Men can stop rape.

My body is mine it’s not an object.

My clothes are not my consent

No bail or suspended sentence for rapists

No bail, we want hang till death

No Means No, No More violence against Women.

No mercy, Hang the rapists

No more rape culture

Only Cowards Rape

Publicly hang the rapists

Punish rapists not protesters

Punish rapists not victims!

Rape is a punishable offense, it’s a crime!

Rape is a real crime

Rape is ape, have you evolved?

Rape reflects on all Men. Do something about it!!

Rapists are terrorists, Death penalty a MUST

Respect the Sex which gave you birth

Screw calm & hang the rapists

Shatter The Silence. Stop The Violence.

Silence hides violence

Stand up against rape

Stop RAPE NOW, no means no

Stop Rape, All Way

Stop teaching Don’t Get Raped, start teaching Don’t Rape

Stop the war on women

Take responsibility for ending rape.

There is no excuse to ignore RAPE

There should be only one law for rapists, Hang till death

Think of your Daughter, Sister, Mother, Wife and stop violence.

We‘ve had enough, stop violence.

What part of NO don’t you understand?

When rapists get away, you might get married to one

Will trade racists for rapists

Women’s Rights Now, Stop Rape Now.

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