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Latest Slogans

114 Airlines Slogans

A great way to fly- Singapore Airlines

30 Addiction Recovery Slogans

An Addict Alone Is In Bad Company

31 Landscaping Slogans

A Beautiful Lawn Doesnt Happen By Itself.

30 Eye Donation Slogans

After You Die, Donate Your Eye

47 Slogans on Friendship

A friend cares us, not for his benefits but to see us really happy.

41 Clean India Slogans

Be clean and keep India clean.

42 World Population Day Slogans

Adopt a child instead of giving birth to your own child.

38 World Environment Day Slogans

Add greenery to environment to make it fresh and live.

30 World Earth Day Slogans

Be an earth lover not hater, if you really want to make this planet alive.

46 Slogans on Teachers Day

A big thank to all the teachers on teacher’s day.

35 Slogans on Republic day

As being youth we only believe in truth that we are force to change country’s fortune.

32 Slogans on Importance of Education

Books are full of incredible things.

41 Slogans on Independence Day

An independent country is a country full of rights for its citizens.

30 Slogans on Hindi Diwas

A nation is incomplete without its national language.

44 Barber Shop Slogans

A quality hair cut at a fair price. – The Barbers Comb in Oundle, England

48 Diwali Festival Slogan

Be blessed with good luck and success and not with polluted environment.

77 Sock Brand Slogans

A Foot Revolution – Men’s ToeSox

157 Shoe Brand Slogans

A Collaborative Effort- Circa (company)

112 Technology Slogans

A Greater Measure of Confidence – Keithley

438 Commercial Slogans

100 years 1 mission India first – ITC

116 Car Brand Slogans

A World Class Automotive Experience – AACA

120 Clothing Brand Slogans

A Sporting Life- Hermes International

30 Beachwear And Swimwear Brands Slogans

All you need to reach the beach! – Wings Beachwear Stores in Florida

54 Election Campaign Slogan

A Chicken In Every Pot – Herbert Hoover

42 Peace Slogans

A Pint Of Sweat, Saves A Gallon Of Blood.

37 Love Slogans

All I Want In My Life, Is For You To Be My Wife.

38 Life Slogans

A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted.

31 Karma Slogans

A Boomerang Returns Back To The Person Who Throws It.

43 Honesty Slogans

A Half Truth Is A Whole Lie. Just Be Honest.

33 Halloween Slogans

A Real Witch In Disguise.