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Latest Slogans

30 Retirement Slogans

A Retired Husband Becomes A Wife’s Full Time Job.

41 Security Slogans

All your security needs under one roof. – Fosseway Security Services in Leicestershire

30 Skateboarding Slogans

Don’t Look Back

30 Surfing Slogans

Cowards Don’t Surf!!

30 Track Slogans

Act Like A Bullet

30 Winter Slogans

Cold Days, Warm Hearts.

38 Women Empowerment Slogans

A Happy Woman Indicates A Happy And Healthy Family.

30 Wrestling Slogans

Break My Nails – I Break Your Face

48 Watches Slogans

A Crown For Every Achievement – Rolex Watches

34 Grabbing Slogans on Corruption

Act against corruption today

31 Anti-Cocaine Slogans

Be smart – Don’t start

30 Yearbook Slogans

A year like no other

38 Fashion Slogans

A classic never goes out of style

47 Electrical Safety Slogans

A breaker box is a useful tool, Be sure to use the left hand rule

51 Dream Slogans

A dream is a wish your heart makes

47 Romantic Slogans

Be with me darling, early & late

30 Fathers Day Slogans

A dad is your biggest fan, even when you strike out.

30 Easter Slogans

An Easter bonnet can tame even the wildest hare.

39 Drag Racing Slogans

Do your best – beat the rest!

30 Dog Slogans

A dog in heat needs more than shade!

30 Cricket Slogans

Badminton Is Not As Glamorous As Cricket.

141 Slogans Of World Famous Chocolates

100% pure passion. – Lindt Excellence

30 Breakfast Slogans

A meal without wine is called breakfast.

33 Bakery Slogans

A little bliss in every bite.

31 Badminton Slogans

A little birdie told me: It’s time to play Badminton!

31 Bachelor Party Slogans

All I Wanted Was A Bachelor Brunch

30 April Fool Day Slogans

A Day For Foolish Play… April Fools’ Day

30 Anti Trump Slogans

All Lives Matter! Now Stay The Hell Out Of My Country!

36 Anti Junk Food Slogans

Always go for healthy food not for junk.

51 Beer Company Slogans

A better beer deserves a better can. – Heineken beer