32 AIDS Slogans

15 Min. Of Pleasure = A Lifetime Of Pain.

Aids Can’t Be Cured With Bandaids.

Aids Is No Joke, Wrap Before You Poke.

Aids, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Aids: Prevention Is The Only Cure.

Avoid The Scare…be Aware.

Better To Protect, Rather Than Regret.

Check Before You Do

Cure Aids – Cure People

Death and Aids Made For Each Other

Don’t Cry, Don’t Die, When Aids Comes Near, Say Goodbye.

Don’t Lose Your Life, Stay Away From HIV

End The Dread…stop The Spread.

End The Pandemic…help Us Find A Cure.

Give A Child Love, Laughter And Peace, Not Aids.

Help To Eradicate Aids, So Lives Can Be Saved.

Help Us Find A Way To Take Aids Away.

I Am Fighting In The War Against Aids!

Let HIV Be Your Worst Enemy! Fight HIV/AIDS

Lets Aid Each Other To Combat A.I.D.S.

Not The High Five (HIV) You Want To Receive

Nothing Comes To Your Aid When You Contract Aids.

Open Your Eyes Before Aids Closes Them.

Protect, Don’t Neglect.

Say No To Aids

Spread Smiles Not Aids

Stop Aids, Keep The Promise

The Best Packages Stay Wrapped.

There Is No Cure For Aids.

Use Helmet While Driving In An Unknown Road

Use Your Voice For A Beautiful World Without Aids

Wear It Or Bear It.

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