141 Slogans Of World Famous Chocolates

100% pure passion. – Lindt Excellence

A Bar Broken In Half- 100 Grand Bar Chocolate

A Delicious Assortment Of Coated Confectionary – Bridge Mix Chocolate

A Finger Of Fudge is Just Enough To Give Your Kids A Treat -Fudge Chocolate

A gift for someone you love. – Amul Chocolate

A Joy To Eat, But A Bitch To Make- Topic Chocolate

A Lighter Way To Enoy Choclate- 3 Musketeers Chocolate

A Matter Of Good Taste- La Fama Chocolate

A Small Piece Of Norway – Kvikk Lunsj Chocolate

Anytime, anywhere; Kabhi bhi kaise bhi; Baaki sab Bhoola de – Cadbury Perk Chocolate

Australia’s Favorite Cookie- Tim Tam Chocolate

Banana Flavour Chew Bar Covered- Perky Nana Chocolate

Big Feed Big Taste- Chokito Chocolate

Big On Chocolate Not On Fat- Baby Ruth Chocolate

Bite Me – Munchies Chocolate

Building A Strng Foundation For Babies In Poverty – Haviland Thin Mints Chocolate

Caramel Crunch, Sounds Good- Galaxy Caramel Chocolate

Chocolate Beyond Compare – Excellence Chocolate

Chunky What A Chunk O Chocolate- Chunky Chocolate

Comfort in every bar- Cadbury Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bar chocolate

Cote d’Or. Aphrodisiac. – Cote d’Or, Belgian chocolate

Crispy Crunch Chewy Munch- Toffee Crisp Chocolate

Crispy Curnchy, Chew And Nutty- Double Decker Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Coconut Filled- Mounds Chocolate

Deeply divine chocolates. – Choko la Chocolate and Chocolate Candies in India

Different every time. – Galaxy Promises

Disappoint The Kids The Easter- Green & Black’s Chocolate

Dive Into The Unique Taste Of Chewy Dark Toffee, Peanut And Chocolate – Eat More Chocolate

Divine Heavenly Milk Chocolate With A Heart- Ghana Chocolate

Dove. Silky smooth. – Dove Chocolate

El Reay De Los Chocolates- Ashmelia Chocolate

Enjoy life. Enjoy Goya. – Goya Chocolate, Philippines

Expose Yourself To Payday- Payday Chocolate

Feed your imagination. – Wonka Chocolate

Finest Quality English Toffee- Heath Bar Chocolate

For The Kid In you- Crunch Crisp Chocolate

For the love of chocolate. – Callebaut, Belgian chocolate brand

Free the joy. – Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

Full Of Eastern Promise- Fry’s Turkish Delight Chocolate

Get More Go – Moro Chocolate

Get That Friday Feeling With Crunchie – Crunchie Chocolate

Get The Sensation- Pepperminet Crisp Chocolate

Gives You A Share Of Country Goodness- Galaxy Chocolate

Good Honest Chocolate – Whittaker’s Chocolate

Have a break, Have a Kitkat – Kitkat Chocolate.

Have You Felt The Bubble Melt – Aero Chocolate

Hold On Tight Or I’ll Fly Away- Aero Mint Chocolate

Hungry?.. Grab a Snickers – Snickers Chocolate

If It’s Goya, It Has To Be Good – Goya Chocolate

Invented for kids, Approved by mums – Kinder Chocolate

In the business of pure joy – Lotus Chocolate

It deserves a little respect. – Green & Black’s Chocolate

It Just Might Make You Melt- Hershey Air Delight Chocolate

It’s A Monster Chew- Chomp Chocolate

It’s Back Apparently – Wispa Chocolate

It’s Got A Crunch In The Biscuit And A Munch In The Middle – Jersey Milk Chocolate

It’s More Than A Mouthful It’s Whatchamacallit- Whatchamacallit Chocolate

It’s Not For Girls – Breakaway Chocolate

It’s Not For Girls- Yorkie Chocolate

It’s not just dark. It’s Dove. – Dove Dark Chocolate

It’s Slightly Rippled With A Flat Under-Side- Boost Chocolate

It’s The Bubbles Of Nothing That make it Really Something- Aero Caramel Chocolate

It’s The Way It Shatters The Matters- Violet Crumble Chocolate

Jo khaaye kho jaaye – 5star Chocolate

Kaafi Hai – Bar One Chocolate

Khaas Mithaas- Choc On Chocolate

Kinder Is German For Children Bueno Is Spanish For Good Or Tasty- Kinder Bueno Chocolate

Kinder Surprise- Happy Hippo Chocolate

Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye – Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

Let the taste take you away. – Cadbury Dream White Chocolate

Lindt. Chocolate beyond compare. – Lindt, Swiss chocolate

Little Chocolate Balls- Glosette Chocolate

Lose yourself in the dark. – Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate

Make time for Toblerone. – Toblerone, Swiss chocolate

Makes A Nice Light Snack- Coffee Crisp Orange Chocolate

Mekupelet- Down The Last Crumb- Mekupelet Chocolate

Melt in Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand- Galaxy Ripple Chocolate

Mera crunch mahaan – Munch Chocolate

Mighty Mint Chew – White Knight Chocolate

Mildly Sweet Chocolate – Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate With Chopped Macadamia Nuts- Macadamia Chocolate

Mmm, Crunch, Aaah- Polly Waffle Chocolate

Moments of timeless pleasure. – Ghirardelli Chocolate

More Like A Banqut Than A Picnic- Picnic Chocolate Bar

Mr. Big So Big They Call Him Mister- Cadbury Mr. Big Chocolate

Munch Now, Munch Some Later – Nestle Crunch Chocolate

My Schmitten is only mine. – Schmitten, brand of luxury dark chocolate in India

Nobody’s gonna lay a finger on my Butterfinger- Butterfinger Chocolate

Now With Better Taste- M- Azing Chocolate

Of Course Nobody Buys You After Eight You’re Liberated- After Eight Chocolate

Perfect Candybar- Wonka Bar Chocolate

Pick Up A Penguin- Penguin Chocolate

Pleasure Can’t Measure – The Yankie Bar Chocolate

Pottyos The Real Thing- Turo Rudi Chocolate

Pure chocolate. Pure emotion. – Cailler Chocolate from Switzerland

Pure Hershey’s. Pure happiness. – Hershey’s Milk Chocolate

Quality Chocolate Squared- Ritter Sport Chocolate

Quality in a square. – Ritter Sport, brand of chocolate in Germany

Quick Energy In Every Bar – Hershey’s Mr. Goodbar Chocolate

Real Milk Chocolate, Real Peanut Butter Crunch- Clark Bar Chocolate

Real Peanut Butter Snack- PB Max Chocolate

Rich Enough To Share But You Really Won’t Want To- 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp Chocolate

Rich, dark and perfectly smooth. – Terry’s Plain Chocolate

Round. But not round for long. – Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Say it with Silk. – Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk

See you After Eight. – After Eight Mint Chocolate

Share something special – Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

Share The Joy – Fazer Blue Chocolate

Silk Smooth Dark Chocolate – Dove Chocolate

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t – Almond Bar Chocolate

Suprise Yourself With Something Different- Big Turks Chocolate

Sweet dreams you can’t resist. – Nestle Chocolate

Talk about delicious. – Brookside Chocolate

Tame The Chocolate Beastie – Hershey’s Bar None Chocolate

Taste The Rainbow- Skor Chocolate

Tenderness is inside. – Milka Chocolate

That’s Rich – 100 Grand Bar Chocolate

The Airport Chocolate- Toblerone Chocolate

The Big Cherry Taste- Cherry Ripe Chocolate

The Candy Bar That Makes Idaho Famous- Idaho Spud Chocolate

The Chew Chocolate Bar That You Really Have To Get Your Teeth Into – Drifter Chocolate

The Crumbliest Flakiest Milk Chocolate- Flake Chocolate

The Intense Chocolate Hit- Twirl Chocolate

The King Of Candyland- Oh Henry Chocolate

The King of Chocolates- Carlos V Chocolate

The Last Rolo – Rolo Chocolate

The perfect way to end your day. – Cadbury Bournville Dark Chocolate

The Sweet You Can Eat Between Meals- Milky Way Chocolate

The Taste Of India – Amul Chocolate

The Taste Of Paradise – Bounty Chocolate

The Wafer Break With A Layer Of Flake- Albert’s Ice Cubes Chocolate

The Wafer Break With a Layer Of Flake- Time Out Chocolate

There’s No Place Like Home, There’s No Bar Like Coffee Crisp – Coffee Crisp Chocolate

Think chocolate. Think Galaxy.. – Galaxy Milk Chocolate

Try Both, And Pick A Side- Twix Chocolate

Try Having Just One- Nidar Smash Chocolate

With Its Crisped Rice And Mouthwatering Chocolate- Krakle Chocolate

Work, rest and play – Mars Chocolate

You Can feel It in Your Feet – Caramilk Chocolate

You’re A Pal Of Mine- Pal-O-Mine Chocolate

You’re A Starbar- Starbar Chocolate

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