116 Car Brand Slogans

A World Class Automotive Experience – AACA

A Chicken In Every Pot And A Car In Every Garage- Buchanan

A Modern Evolution To The Sports Car World- Elfin Sports Car

A Winner For Your Business- Hindustan Motors

Accelerating the future.- Infiniti

Advanced Design – Tramontana

Africa friendly cars – Mobius

Art On Wheels- Devaux

At Bristol Street It’s Easy -Bristol Cars

Australia’s Very Own Supercar- Joss

Be The Force- Force

Beauty Will Drive The World- Newypsilon

BMW. The Ultimate Driving Machine. – BMW automobiles

Breaking New Dimensions – Bugatti

Buick. It’s All Good. – Buick car brand

Built Like A Gun And Goes Like A Bullet- Bullet Car

Built Tough, Built To Last- Pagani

Change Your Mind & Change Your Animal- Python

Creating a Higher Standard. – Cadillac brand

Custom Coach Builders- Intermeccanica

Dodge. Different. – Dodge car brand

Dream First To Realize Your Dream- Hradyesh

Drive & Love – Chrysler car brand

Driven by passion. FIAT. – FIAT Cars

Driven By What’s Inside – Subaru Cars

Driving is Believing – Rover

Driving Matters- Mazda

Engineered to move the human spirit. – Mercedes-Benz car brand

Engineering Your Tomorrows- Ashok Leyland

Escape from the Ordinary- Ssangyong

Everyone dreams of an Audi. – Audi automobiles

Excellence Through Passion – Maserati

Experience Amazing- Lexus

Find Your Own Road. – SAAB, Swedish car brand

For Tomorrow’s World- Reva

Ford. Feel the difference. – Ford Vehicles

Go Farther- Isuzu

Go Further- Ford

Holden go. – Holden cars, Australia

Hummer. Like nothing else. – Hummer

Hydro Mechanical Horoligists- Mazzanti

Hyundai. Drive your way – Hyundai Motor’s cars

If He Can Affort it Anyone Can- Nota

Infiniti. Accelerating the Future. – Infiniti vehicles

Innovation At Work – Bentley

Inspired By People- Tata Motors

It’s in the Drive!- Proton

Innovation Beyond – Luxgen

Jeep. There’s Only One. – Jeep cars

Just imagine what Citroen can do for you. – Citroen, french car brand

King of The Mountain- Holden Special Vehicles

Land Rover. Go beyond. – Land Rover vehicles

Lets Go Places- Toyota

Let’s Go There-Holden

Like always. Like never before. – Saturn automobiles

Lincoln. Travel Well. – Lincoln car brand

Make every mile count – Kia Motors brand

Make Every Mile Count- Kia

Making fast cars faster -Mastretta

Neofelis Diardi- Diardi

New Doors Opened – Mercury cars (Ford’s brand)

No Compromise- Donkervoort

Nothing else will do – Mahindra Scorpio

Once perfection is achieved, you can just double it – Lamborghini

Perodua, tiada dipasang ABS- Perodua

Peugeot. Live the pleasure. – Peugeot, the French automobiles

Polo. Small but tough- Polo

Porsche, There is No Substitute – Porsche automobiles

Power for your control. – Alfa Romeo car brand

Power Of The Hour- Ascort

Power, Beauty and Soul- Aston Martin

Restoring Your Future- Finch Restorations

Rise- Mahindra

Arrive’s Like A Sedan- Tan Chong

Rolling Up For You- PRB

Rover. A Class Of Its Own. – Rover car brand

Seat. Auto emocion. – Seat, Spanish car brand

Shift expectations – Nissan Motor’s cars

Skoda. Simply Clever – Skoda Auto

Smart. Open your mind. – Smart car – a brand of DaimlerChrysler

Smarter Ranger Is Here-Bush Ranger

Sport Touring Coupé- Anadol

Start Something. – Oldsmobile car brand

Supercars For Superstars – BBT

Technology you can enjoy. – Honda Cars

The Best Of British- David Brown

The Heartbeat of America – Chevrolet Cars

The Jewel- Bufori

The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection – Lexus cars (a Division of Toyota Motor)

The road will never be the same- Acura

The True Definition of Luxury. Yours. – Acura cars (the Honda Motor’s brand)

There is no finish line – Maclaren

Toyota. Moving forward. – Toyota car brand

Unleash a Jaguar. – Jaguar cars

Volkswagen. Drivers wanted – Volkswagen, the German car brand

Volvo. For life. – Volvo Cars

Wake up and drive. – Mitsubishi

Way Of Life- Maruti Suzuki

We are driving excitement. – Pontiac Vehicles

We are the competiton – Ferrari

We Build Vehicles That Last- Tomcar

We like to see a happy, smiling face- Shaka

Wherever We Wanted, To We Could Beat The GTO-Daytone Sports Car

Wir Leben Autos.- Opel Car

Your Day Has Arrived- Perana

Zoom Zoom- Etox

America’s Longest Lasting Pickups – RAM

Escape from the Ordinary – Tivoli Car

Everyone’s Private Driver – Uber

Feel Alive – DC Avanti

It’s a MINI adventure – MINI Car

Longest Range. Active Safety – Tesla Car

Passion For Life – Renault Cars

The Lotus Difference – Lotus Car

We Are Professional Grade – GMC

Your Day Has Arrived – Packard

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