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In life when you get troubles,
Don’t get nervous…
Just close your eyes and follow ur heart…
B’coz heart may be in left….
But it is always right

A beautiful thought.
Always learn the wisdom of compromise,
Its better to bend a little
Rather than
To break any relation forever.

If you see some one without a smile,give him one of yours,
Because you are among a few good people who can shine
Others lives by just walking with him a few miles.

Thought for the day
Always be the reason of someone’s happiness never just a part of it.
Be a part of someone’s sadness never the reason for it.

If you’re too analytical,
You’ll miss the miracle.
If you’re too literal,
You’ll miss the joke.
Being too skeptical kills the fun.
Being open-minded opens doors to a happier life..

I m going to give fresh flowers 4 u and 4 ur loving
Thoughts and prayers to make u lighter and brighter.

My hand never pain
When typing msg for u,
But my heart always pain
When there is no reply from u….!

In the rythm of life,
We sometimes find ourselves out of tune,
But as long as there are friends like you to provide,
The melody,
The music plays on.

Never change your originality
For the sake of others.
Because no one can play your role
Better than you.
So be yourself.
You are the best.

Our life begins with our cry…
Our life ends with other’s cry…
Utilize this gap & laugh
As much as possible between these cries…
Keep smiling.

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Sometimes we put walls around our heart.
Not just to be safe from getting heart.
But to find out who cares to break the wall
And get closer.

Sharp is ur memory,
Sweet is ur name,
Deep in my heart,
U will always remain,
Earth want water,
Flower wants dew,
I want nothing but a smile from u.

Someone ask me to describe u in two words
He expect me to answer the best but
I did not answer i just smiled and said no comparison

Roses are famous for grace,
Advocates are famous for case,
Horses are famous for race,
But u r famou 4 your smile on ur face

5 greatest words : i dun wanna lose u.
4 pleasant words : i care for u.
3 sweet words : i admire u.
2 wonderful words : miss u.
1 most important word : u

Happiness is a perfume.
You cannot spread on others without getting a few drops on urself.
So always be happy to make others happy !

Every time i say ‘how are you?’
My heart says ‘i care for you.’.
Everytime i ask ‘how have you been?’
My heart whispers ‘i miss you’

Some promises are always unbroken,
Some memories are always unwritten,
Feel the magic of true relation
And you’ll know that some words are always unspoken(-_-)

Friendship is vast like universe.
Deep like ocean.
High like sky.
Strong like iron.
Kind like mother.
& cute like me.

Every night when i look at the moon,
It reminds me of you,
How you can see the same moon.
It makes me sometimes sad because
I can see the moon, but i can´t see you.

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A word to say, a word to hear Even in ur absence i feel u near Our relation is strong..hope it goes long
We will remain the same till the life goes on!

Silent lips may avoid many problems,
But smiling lips may solve many problems,
So always have a smile on ur face
In the beautiful journey called life

If friendship is your weakest point Than You are the strongest person in the world. Makes friends and enjoy your life.

Why do we close our eyes When we pray When we cry When we dream When we kiss Because the most beautiful thing in life are not seen. But felt by the heart! Definitely u,my friend:) !

Past is experience Present is experiment Future is expectation So use your experiences In your experiments To achieve your expectations.

If u r 2 b paid $1000 For each kind act u’v ever done, And 2 collect $500 For each unkind act of yours, Would u b rich or poor?

A friend is never a coincidence in your life. They are meant to enter your life to bring you joy and laughter.
So i will treasure the friendship between us…

Distances never separate any relation, Time never builds any relation. If feelings r true from heart,
Then friends r always friends forever!

If i could give you a gift. I would give you the ability to see yourself, The way i see you, So that you would know… what a wonderful
“friend you are”

Smile is electricity & Life is a battery Whenever u smile The battery gets charged & A beautiful day is activated So keep smiling:-)

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When god takes away something from your hands.Don’t think he is punishing you.He is just leaving you empty handed to receive something better.

Life can b hard & not always fun. But as night brings dark morning brings sun. When life gets tough & no1 seems 2 care Give me a call coz i will always b there!

When you start caring about yourself, You start loving somebody. But when you start caring about others,
Somebody start loving you.

In my life i learned how…
2 love
2 smile
2 be happy
2 be strong
2 work hard
2 be honest
2 be faithful
2 forgive but
I couldn’t learn how.. 2 stop rembering u.

If you trust someone.
Trust till the end.
Whatever the results may be.
In the end either you will have
A very good friend or a good lesson.

Alphabetic advice for you:
A b c
Avoid bad company.
D e f
Don’t entertain fools.
G h i
Go for high ideas.
J k l m
Just keep lovely friends like me…

I saw something in the shop window 2day.
It was stunning sexy cute beautiful & adorable.
I was supposed 2 buy it for u
Till i realized it was my own reflection.

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love.

A smile gives red color to your cheeks,
White to your teeth,
Pink color to your lips,
Silver color to your eyes,
So keep smiling and
Enjoy the colors of life

For it was not into my ear you whispered
But into my heart.
It was not my lips you kissed
But my soul

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You know who is the best couple in the world?
Smile & tears
Rarely , they r seen together but
When they combine its the best moment of ur life.

We love ourselves even after
Making so many mistakes.
Then how can we hate others
For their one mistakes.
Seems strange but true.

Superb lines From a person Who is lonely. I m not alone Bcoz Loneliness is always there with me

True friends are like mornings,
U cant have them the whole day,
But u can be sure,
They will be there when u wake up
Tomorrow, next year and forever.

Be simple but look stylish
Be tough but look soft
Be tensed but look cool
Be a beginner but look winner.
That’s the way of life
Life has no pause buttons!
Dreams have no expiry date!
Time has no holiday!
So, don’t waste a single moment in ur life.
Live it…!

Hey.. Listen .. Two people were asking me your details today.
I gave them your address and mobile number.
They will be visiting you soon.
Their names are joy & happiness.

In life when you get troubles,
Don’t get nervous…
Just close your eyes and follow ur heart…
Becoz heart may be in left….
But it is always right

Feeling of love
Moment of caring
Small small sharing
Stupid fights
Shoulder to cry
To be together in pain
Most beautiful thing called “love”

Near ones are not dear &
Dear ones are not near..
It is easy to remember the near ones
But very difficult to forget the dear ones.!!!

Life is all about 3 things.
Winning, loosing and sharing.
Winning others heart.
Loosing bad things.
Sharing happy moments.