Condolence SMS

Condolence SMS Messages

I know how you would be feeling on the sudden demise of your dear daughter. She was a sweet and charming little girl, who was always able to bring a smile on my face. May her soul rest in peace.

The best way to remember someone it to do it with a smile on your face. You will not be able to do it soon but at least try and this will make the soul of the one who has gone happy.

May you get the strength to handle the situation in the best way possible. Your dad was a great human and I am sure that was the most wonderful dad in this world. However, at this time it is important that you help you family come over with the situation, so that you can make him proud.

We will pray for you and your family. God has a reason to all that he does, may be this time he decided for your mom so that she can take rest however, she will always be a part of our thoughts and will be cherished in our heart.

Condolence Messages

Memory can tell us only what we were,
In company with those we loved;
It cannot help us find out what each of us,
Alone, must now become.
Yet, no person is really alone;
Those who live no more still echo
Within our thoughts and words,
And what they did has become
Woven into what we are.

If tears could build a stairway,
And memories a lane,
I’d walk right up to heaven
And bring you home again.

Death leaves a heartache
No one can heal;
But Love given by the person who is no more leaves a memory
No one can steal.

I understand that it is a rough time that you are going through. Just want to say that I am right here for you and will pray to God so that you can handle it well. May your grandma’s soul rest in peace.

I am sorry to hear that you lost your sister like this. May god gives you and your family the strength to overcome the situation.

When we loose such a special person in our life, time seems to stop. However, it is important that we start to live again with a smile on your face so that we can make his soul happy, as he is still looking at us even if we can’t.

Please accept my deepest condolence to you and your family in the loss of your aunt.

I am sorry I could not come but just want to let your know that you mom was a very special lady and will always be remembered.

I never got an opportunity to meet your elder brother but looking at you, I can say that he was a great man. Please accept my condolence on his demise.

We will never be able to forget your mother, as she will always be in our heart. I will pray to almighty to give you the courage, support and strength to over come the situation.

Condolence SMS For Sympathy

In darkness,
The beauty of stars and constellations
Will be admired all the more now
Your dearest brother is up there
Shining like a bright star.

At this hour of sudden death of ur father i want to
share my heartfelt CONDOLENCES with you.
Let his soul rest in PEACE in the feet of ALMIGHTY.
Have courage to face the situations and we are all with you in sharing your irrepairable loss, which no words can fill in.
We all pray God to giv You the strength.

“I was so sorry to hear about your loss. Your sister was a great girl and we will all miss her very much. You have our deepest sympathy.”

You’ve lost someone who was a special part of your family. May you all find comfort in each other and in all the deep concern that comes to you today.

I will miss her smile and her visits and was so glad that she was a part of my life.

Lord you care so much,
For the tears of a hurting child,
Who has felt the grief of tragedy,
Now no longer wears a smile.

Dear ……..
it is really shocking to hear the news.
My shed tears with you and pay sincere prayers to ur mother,
Let her soul rest in peace.
Our Prayers to all your family members during this distress time.

This is really sad and a great loss indeeed to all of us who have had contact with him.
He was a great live heart and cool personality.
May Lord give his family Courage and Patience.

It is extremely sad for me to know of the tragic incident.
All your dear ones, ur family and ur friendz are your pillars of strength at this moment.
May You have the courage. May the departed soul be in peace.
Deepest condolences from me.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you,
“Your Grandfather” will remain in our hearts forever.
Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow.
You have my deepest sympathies on the death of your grandfather.
We are thinking of you during this difficult time.

Condolence Text SMS

And, we know that his/her passing will not only leave a void in our lives, but in the hearts of all those who knew him/her..

Perhaps they are not the stars,
but rather openings in Heaven
where the love of our lost 1,s
pours through and shines down
upon us to let us know that are happy.

I wish to extend my heartfelt condolences on da bereavement caused by da untimely death of ur mother. I pray for her soul to rest in peace and for you to regain strength from this.

I am very sorry to here this sad news but think of it a better place for him to be right now no worries no fears.

Your father was one of the nicest people
I know that he was a great father to you.
You have my deepest sympathy on ur loss.

When it is too hard to
hide your tears, then
never mind..
Start chopping onions.
Let the heart cry and
you just smile and
put the blame on
the onions…

All that I can say is that I’m sorry to hear about this incident. My thoughts will be with You in my future prayers.

Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.


I’m very shocked after hearing this. We have lost a nice person.

Condolence SMS

Sorry to hear about the loss of your father.
When it hurts to look back and you are to scared to go forward,
look beside you and your best friends will be there.

The shock waves from this senseless tragedy were felt all over the world. My deepest sympathy, may you all find peace. They will never be forgotten.

I’m deeply shocked at the sudden death of your mother.
May God give her eternal rest and may her soul rest in peace!
Accept our condolences and be strong and patient

It is extremely sad for us to know of this incident,
May you have the courage.

I was shocked to hear of the sad demise of ur loving mother.
My heartfelt condolences to you and ur family.
I pray to the Almighty Lord to give you courage,strenght and support.

Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow..

We are deeply saddened by his death.
We send our condolences to the family.
He will be given a full departmental funeral.

We are very saddened to hear of your loss.God will give you courage to bear this loss and we are always with you to support you.

I am shocked and grief stricken to learn of Son’s death,
and express profound sorrow and condolences for you and your family.

You may as well narrate some cherished memories that you have about the person who has passed away.