Condolence SMS

Sorry to hear about the loss of your father.
When it hurts to look back and you are to scared to go forward,
look beside you and your best friends will be there.

The shock waves from this senseless tragedy were felt all over the world. My deepest sympathy, may you all find peace. They will never be forgotten.

I’m deeply shocked at the sudden death of your mother.
May God give her eternal rest and may her soul rest in peace!
Accept our condolences and be strong and patient

It is extremely sad for us to know of this incident,
May you have the courage.

I was shocked to hear of the sad demise of ur loving mother.
My heartfelt condolences to you and ur family.
I pray to the Almighty Lord to give you courage,strenght and support.

Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow..

We are deeply saddened by his death.
We send our condolences to the family.
He will be given a full departmental funeral.

We are very saddened to hear of your loss.God will give you courage to bear this loss and we are always with you to support you.

I am shocked and grief stricken to learn of Son’s death,
and express profound sorrow and condolences for you and your family.

You may as well narrate some cherished memories that you have about the person who has passed away.

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Satyam says:

Rest in peace is totally wrong with respect to sanatana dharm(hindu) .we so its just abrahamic concept of muslims and christians .We have concept of reincarnation and moksha

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