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Lovely Sms Of Friendship

Friends are like money – easy to earn but difficult to keep.

I can be myself when I’m with you and do all the crazy things I always wanted to. Thank you my friend for keeping the child alive in me

Friendship is the first wireless ever invented. It directly connects one heart with another..

A friend is sweet when its new….but it is sweeter when its TRUE! But u know what? Its sweetest when its you.

A friend gives hope when life is low, a friend is a place when you have nowhere to go, a friend is honest, a friend is true. A friend is precious a friend is u.

If u r a chocolate ur the sweetest, if u r a Teddy Bear u r the most huggable, If u are a Star u r the Brightest, and since u r my “FRIEND” u r the “BEST”!!!!!!!!!

Time might lead me to nowhere and faith might break into pieces but I will always be THANKFUL that once in my life’s journey we became FRIENDS!

Yes, God made you first, but there is always a rough draft before the final copy.

If you are in trouble, If you need a hand, Just call my number, because I’m your friend!

Life is like a novel. Many chapters read and forgotten.
But there is one I wont forget.
It’s the chapter
I met u and we became friends

Friendship Text Messages In English

It doesn’t take a reason to love someone, but it does to like someone. You don’t love someone because you want to, you love someone because you are destined to.

Friendship is a promise make in the heart. Unbreakable by distance. Unchangeable by time.

The gift of friendship is one which is rare, Brest friend are the ones, with whom everything we share, every emotion that we feel, each thought that cross our mind A friend is someone who understands silences as well as words, one who lifts you up and never lets you down, I am lucky to have fund a friend like you.

God first created humans and then he created friends so that we never feel lonely.

Friendship is like a fresh rose, its fragrance lingers through out your life and keeps you fresh.

A friend remains a friend no matter how badly they fight. I know you’ll always be there for me. Thank you for being my friend.

True friends are like pearls – rare and precious!

Friends are your harshest critics, ardent followers, compassionate guides, and, forever yours.

Friendship is a gift that money can’t buy. It is a blessing that only the fortunate have. I am lucky to have a friend like you.

Friendship is like grass. It might not be as tall as a tree but the roots go deep.

Friendship Text SMS In English

True bonding is not measured by the time spent together or the favors done for each other but by the comfort you find when you realized that you care for each other.

God gave us 86,400 valuable seconds each day. May I use a few seconds to say thanks for giving me the gift of knowing someone like you.

Friendship is a bridge between you and me. When you are sad and lonely, cross it I’ll wait on the other side forever. But if you are afraid, I’ll cross it for you.

Friendship is like standing on a wet cement … the longer you stay, the harder it’s to leave and you can never go without leaving your footprints

You, my friend are always welcome. Early in the morning or late at night. Time is of no importance when it concerns real friendship.

I understand what Friendship is The day you held my hand in yours Thanks, Dear Friends for wiping away my silent tears For driving away all my fears and for accepting me the way I am.

Angels can’t be everywhere, that’s why God gave us Friends.

Best friend have conversations impossible to understand by other people.

A friend is someone who understand your past, believes in your future and accepts you today the way you are.

Remember, you don’t need a certain numbers of friends, just a numbers of friends you can be certain of.

Text Sms Of Friendship

Nothing is nicer than having someone
who APPRECIATES you in the smallest things.
ACCEPTS you in times of hardships.
COMFORTS you when you’re troubled,
LOVES you no matter what and is
Simply HAPPY for having you in their life.. !!

When a friend is in trouble,
Don’t annoy him by asking
if there is anything you can do.
Think up something appropriate and do it.

As we get older,
we start to realize that
when it comes to friends,
we choose quality, not Quantity !!

Friends are always friends
no matter how far you have to travel back in time.
If you have memories together,
there is always a piece of your friendship inside your heart.

When you look around
and your world is crumbling,
and when you think no one loves you,
your best friend is the one to run to.

True friends are always there for you.
Fake friends only appear when they need something from you.

Real friends never leave each other, never part. They just sometimes sit silently, deep within each other’s heart, saying, I’m just here if you need me.

I don’t need words to express I don’t need tears to shed don’t need to ask for a smile or a hand to hold me All I need is to be your friend, forever!

A true friend understands when you say, I forgot, waits forever when you say, just a minute, stays when you say leave me alone, opens the door even before you knock and says can I come in?

Friends are like mornings, you can’t have them the whole day, but you can be sure they will be there when you wake up tomorrow, next week, next year, forever.

Friendship Sms In English

Our Friendship is like a cup of tea…
A special blend of you and me!

Friends make moments happier and hearts lighter.

Friends Are Like Shoes..
Some Loose Some Tight..
Some Fit Just Right..
They Help You As You Walk Through Life..
Thanks For Being My Size.. !!

Scold a friend in private and kudos him in public!!

Some people go to priests,
Others to poetry,
I to my friends!!

Like branches of a tree
we grow in different directions,
yet our roots remain as one.
Each of our lives will always be
a special part of the others.

A friend like you… is a joy forever!
I’m so glad I have you!

Don’t walk in front of me,
I may not follow
Don’t walk behind me,
I may not lead
Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Our Friendship helps me bloom into a person I am.
I need you like how a flower needs sunshine…
Thanks for everything.

Friends are there to catch you
when you trip and fall,
but best friends are there to laugh at you
when you trip and fall..