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Friendship SMS

You’re a true friend,
That I want you to know,
Our love for each other
Has helped us to grow.
We’ve been through some tough times,
But we’ve made it through,
The only one I ever trusted was you.

The rain may be falling hard outside,
But your smile makes it all alright.
I’m so glad that you’re my friend.
I know our friendship will never end.

2 golden phrases os frndship:->
” NVR belive d doubtd one” n
“NVR doubt d belivd one”
that retains frndshp for a longr tym..

Good FRIENDS CaRE for each Other..
CLoSE Friends UNDERSTaND each Other…
and TRUE Friends STaY forever
beyond words,
beyond time…**

Have a heart that never hardens,
Have a smile that never fades
Have a touch that never burnt
And have friendship that never breaks.

True friend scolds like a dad,
Cares like a mom,
Teases like a sister,
Irritates like a brother,
And finally loves U more than a lover.

“FRIENDSHIP” is the gift that goes on,
Giving & is a gift to both the person,
Given to & to the giver as well.
But to really make it work it isn’t,
Enough to give to another person.
You have also to let them give to you.

Sacrifice is greater than love,
Character is greater than beauty,
Humanity is greater than wealth,
But nothing is greater than friendship.

If someone asks me what is friendship,
“I would sit next to you,
Pull you all close to me,
Put my arms around you and say proudly,
This is friendship” 🙂

We smile at whom we like,
we cry for whom we care,
We share with whom we luv,
We laugh at whom we enjoy,
We get angry on whom we feel is our own.

Want to know what is it?
Read again…

I don’t want a friend like u 4 a SECOND,
Not for a MINUTE, not even for an HOUR,
Neither 4 a DAY nor for a NIGHT,
But I want a friend like u 4 a LIFETIME…

Friends are the worst tenants:
1. They occupy our heart,
2. They pay no rent,
3. They don’t vacate easily,
4. When they leave, they break the place.

THE LOVE of a friend knows no boundaries,
No limits, just endless LOVE &CARE!

Friendship Sms

Every tear is a sign of brokenness,
Every silence is sign of loneliness,
Every smile is sign of kindness,
Every sms is sign of remembrance.

Friends are angels,
That come from above sent by god,
For me to love,
So when you are lonely sad and blue,
Remember I’ll be there for you.

We share our heartaches and our joy
Cause that what friends are for
Knowing we can be “our selves”
To heart with an “open door”
Advice is free and it’s meant to be
A caring gesture of love..

A special friend is rare indeed,
It beams to be special breed,
Yes, perfect friends are every few,
So lucky I’m for having you.

U may have someone in ur mind,
Someone in ur heart,
Some in ur dreams,
Someone in ur life,
But I am ur someone
When U have no one as a good friend.

FriendShip is a network that needs..
NO Recharge!
NO Roaming!
NO Validity!
NO activation!
NO Signal prbms!
Just don’t switch off ur Heart… 🙂

Keeping a friend is as difficult
as losing one. U sacrifice a lot to
Keep Them. I may not have sacrificed
enough 4 u… But in my heart i swear
i’m Keeping u..

Friends are the Best “CALCULATOR”.
They help 2 add “JOY” , Minus “FEAR”,
Multiply “HAPPINESS” & Divide”GRIEF”.
Thanks 4 being my “CALCULATOR”!!!!!!

There is a gift that gold cannot buy,
A blessing that’s rare true,
That’s the gift of a wonderful friend,
Like the friend that I have in u!

“Promises and Friends
are like snowballs.
It’s easy to make them
but it’s too difficult to keep them.”

A friend is always welcome
Early in the morning or late at night.
Time is of no importance
When it concerns real friendship!

Friends are amazing when they are new,
They are wonderful when they are true,
But do you know they are a blessing
When they r like u.

Without humor, life sucks.
Without love, life seems hopeless.
But without a friend like you,
Life is nearly impossible.

Friendship SMS

A bond of love,
A medal of trust.
A shoulder in sadness,
A hand in darkness.
A special relation to hold,
An ear where secrets can be told.
An appreciator for encouragement,
Something that doesn’t cost.
A jewel never to be lost.
Is the magic called

Deep like OCEAN.
High like SKY.
Strong like IRON.
Kind like MOTHER.
& cute like ME.

True friends are those,
Who care without hesitation ,
Who remember without limitation,
Who forgive without explanation &
Who trust without communication.

Friends are like sketch pens –
They color your lives.
I may be not your favorite color
But you will need me some day
To complete your picture..!!

During our friendship,
there will be times
you wont see me beside you,
don’t think I left you behind,
I just choose to walk behind you
so I can catch when you Fall.

My heart’s like an open book.
It depends on how U read me.
Don’t judge me by my cover.
Look in and discover….
I will be ur True Friend forever…

Never ever try to test friendship
because friends are like diamonds
when you hit them they don’t break
but may slip away from your life

Don’t love a friend like a flower,
Because a flower dies in season.
Love them like a river,
Because a river flows forever.

Lips Dnt join Wen we say LOVE,
That is a sign of distance,
But wen we say FRNDSHP lips join,
Tha is a sign of TOGETHERNESS…

A good friend is like a computer,
Enter ”ur life”
Save you in my heart;
Format ur problems
”Shift” u 2 opportunities
Never”delete”u from …memory.

If friends were flowers
I would not pick you!
I’ll let you grow in the
garden & cultivate you
with love and care so
I can keep you as a friend 4ever!!

Love is like a chewing gum,
It tastes only in the beginning!
But friendship is like chocolate,
It tastes till it ends!

To live a life I need heartbeat,
To have heartbeat I need a heart,
To have heart I need happiness,
To have happiness I need a friend,
And for a friend I need you…Always

Friendship SMS

My eyes, Detected…
My heart, Reacted…
Thousands were, Rejected…
But only you were, Selected…
To be my GOOD Friend… Forever

Alone I can only say,
But together we can shout,
Alone I can only smile,
But together we can laugh,
Alone I can only live,
But together we can celebrate,
That’s friendship.

Sound become music,
Movement becomes dance,
Smile becomes laughter &
Life becomes celebration.

When old friend keep in touch.

Rose for love,
Cloud’s for rain,
Heart for blood,
But hands to shake,
To never forget to shake hands
Coz its gesture of friendship.

No gold or precious stones
Give us happiness and peace,
Friendship and its warmth
Will bring it to us.

As long as we have memories,
yesterday remains;
as long as we have hope,
tomorrow awaits.
As long as we have Friendship,
each day is never a waste.

I met U as a stranger,
I leave U as a friend,
as long as the world stands,
our friendship will never ends.
All friends never split
even if they do they will
meet again.

FRIENDSHIP is not how u forget
How you forgive,
How you listen
How you understand,
What you see,
How you feel,
But Not
How you let it go
How you HOLD ON

Life starts INTENSE,
But Ends with SILENCE.
Love starts with FEAR,
Buts ends with TEARS.
And Friendship starts HOWEVER,
Will always Remain FOREVER.

Good Friends are like software.
They enter your life;
Scan your problems;
Edit your tensions;
Download your solutions;
Delete your worries
And save u in their heart!

But the happiness it brings you
Always gives a special lift
And you realize that friendship
Is god’s most precious gift.

“FRIENDSHIP” is a Sim,
which has no activation charges.
Free incoming and outgoing
with roaming all over the world
and it’s validity “NEVER ENDS”…

Friendship is not about finding
the right person but,
Creating the right relation.
It’s not how much we care
in the beginning but how much
we care till the end.

Friendship SMS

MY $weet
¡ ,_,_,_,_,_)
¡ ¡_,_,_,
¡ _,_,_,)R I E N D
¡ ¡ O R E V E R

Flowers means honey,
Honey means sweet,
Sweet means desire,
Desire means love,
Love means friend,
Friend means you.

God is so wise that,
He never created,
FRIENDS with price tags,
Bcoz if he did,
I cant afford,
A precious FRIEND like U.

Full form of FRIENDSHIP:-
N-Never Ending

“FRIEND” Who is:
F : First for me,
R : Ready anytime for me,
I : Inspire me,
E : Enjoy life with me,
N : Never forgets me,
D : Dear its U.
Always “FRIEND”.

My soul REACTED,
My heart ACCEPTED,
thousands wer REJECTED,
but u wer selected to b my
…… sweet frnd…..

Memories last forever,
They simply never die,
True friends stay together,
They never say good-bye.

No gold or precious stones
Give us happiness and peace,
Friendship and its warmth
Will bring it to us.

Fill in the blank
I”m ur ……. Friend
Of all reply is a must…

2 know U is an adventure,
2 care 4 U is an art,
2 listen 2 U is an honor,
2 talk 2 U is a pleasure,
but 2 have U as my friend,
Is an absolute treasure!!!

English start with ABC,
Maths start with 123,
But friendship start with,
You & Me…

I opened my wallet,
And find it empty,
Reach in my pocket,
And found few coins,
Search my heart,
And found U n our friendship,
Then I realized,
How rich I am.

Old Friends are Gold,
New Friends are Diamond,
If you get Diamond,
Don’t forget the Gold,
B’coz Gold only hold Diamond.

CLassic words of frndshp
B wat u R n say wat u feel,
cuz those who mind dnt matter,
n those who matter dnt mind….